Chapter 14

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"I love you Alexandra." I feel his lips against my hand then his warm one disappears. My eyes blink open but he's not sitting in front of me. I hear footsteps and I speak up, "I love you too Nik." I smile when he appears in front of me. "Oh my God, you're awake." He gathers me in his arms but I groan when his hand brushes against my wing. "Sorry, Lex."

"It's alright." I lay back down then he grabs my hand, "How are you feeling?"

"I'm alright just kinda drowsy." He nods, "Figures. Do you really mean it?"

"Mean what?" He smiles, "Do you love me?" I smile and try to sit up but he ends up having to help me. I grab his hands, look into his eyes, then say, "I love you Nikolai Reddings with my whole heart, soul and mind." He grins like the Cheshire Cat and lifts me off the bed. I wrap my arms around his neck and just hug him. "I love you Alexandra Killian with my whole life." I smile against his neck then he pulls away and sets me on the bed again. His face turns serious and I know that our little moment is over. "Baby, why did you freak out when I marked you?" I sigh and look down at my hands, "I don't know. I've read books on werewolves and I heard of cases where if one mate dies then the other one will too. I don't want that to happen to you especially with what is going on right now." He pushes my chin up and shakes his head, "You aren't going to die, Lex, I'm not going to let that happen. I will protect you and if we have to go away, then I'll do it. I won't let your father or any of his minions get near you." I grab his hand, "You have no power over that. That demon was able to dodge each and everyone of my fireballs.My death is becoming more and more possible each day." Nik shakes his head, "No, no, Alexandra, I'm not going to sit here and discuss this with you."

"You're going to have to at some point, Nikolai!" I start yelling now, upset that this isn't getting through his thick skull. "NO, I WILL NOT SIT HERE AND DISCUSS THIS WITH YOU, ALEXANDRA! THAT'S FINAL!" His eyes are pitch black and I know his wolf is in control, "What else do you want, Alpha? You want me to bow down and kiss you feet?" I jump off the bed, run out of the room, down the hall, up the stairs to the third floor then into my mom's room. She looks up at me then opens her arms. I run into them and sob into her shoulder. "Shhh, what happened?" I tell her about the exchange with Nik and by the end I'm crying again. "Alex, he loves you dearly and he doesn't want to hear that his mate has a probability of dying."

"Momma, he has to know that it is a possibility. You have to know that it is a possibility. One day, Satan will come and get me when Nik or you won't be able to rescue me. Momma, one of these days you are going to lose me." My mom shakes her head, tears spilling out, "No, Alex-"

"No, mom, listen to me! You will lose me one day and nothing you do can stop that! You aren't going to have me, all you are going to have is Vince. He will take care of you and so will Nik." She shakes her head again and she starts sobbing. The door slams open then I turn to see Vince and Nik in the doorway. Vince runs over to my mom and Nik walks to me, "Baby, come here please?" He opens his arms but I back away. "Baby, don't do this." I clutch my head when I get a piercing pain then a male voice comes through, Dear Alexandra, already pushing your loved ones away. Well done, you really are my daughter.
I fall to my knees as the pain gets worse then something wet trickles out of my ear. I pull my hand back and blood is on my fingertips. "Alexandra!" I look up but everything is blurry. I feel warm hands press against my cheeks then lips press to my forehead. I close my eyes then open them again. Everything is clear and the ringing is gone. "Alex, sweetie, what happened?" I look at Nik, Vince then my mom, "Satan."


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