Extra #4

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~3 years later~
"Mom," Thomas calls out, "Annabeth got hurt!" I run out of the room and down the stairs into the living room. My baby girl is holding her bleeding knee with tears streaming down her face. I run over to her then kneel down in front of her, "Baby, what happened?"
"Cole pushed me down after I asked if he wanted to play with me. He really hurt me mommy."
"I know, I'll clean your knee up right now." She shakes her head, "He hurt me in here too, momma." She points to her heart and it finally clicks. She's already feeling the mate pull but doesn't understand it yet. "You probably like Cole but when he pushed you, it hurt because you thought he didn't like you. Do you like Cole?"
"Kinda." I smile and Thomas brings me the first aid kit. I wipe away the blood then spread some anti-bacterial stuff on it then stick on a band-aid. Ashton runs out of the hallway where Nik's office is with my husband following after him. "What happened?" He kneels down next to me and place his hand on Annie's cheek, "What happened baby girl?" Before Annie could answer, Cole walks in from the backyard and sits down next to Annie. "Anna, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to push you but my friends were making fun of me for hanging out with you so much. I didn't mean to hurt you." Cole places his hand on one of Annie's and he grips it tightly. She smiles then wraps her little arms around his neck, "I forgive you Cole." He smiles and she pulls away to grab his hand again, pulling him outside, "Come on, let's go play!" They run outside and I sit on the couch along with Nik beside me. "These kids are going to drive us crazy," he whispers.
"These kids are our lives now. We have to protect them especially Thomas." He nods and look outside to see all three of our kids running around. I hope this isn't the last time we see them this happy.
Hey my loves!!!!!! This was the last chapter for The Fallen Angel and I'll post the description for the second book soon. Stay posted and it will be here soon. Love y'all, broken149

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