Chapter 8

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~1 week later~


Lexa hasn't been to school for a week and I'm starting to get worried. Whenever I go over to her house to visit, Melissa says she isn't home. When I ask where she is, she won't tell me. I'm working on my math test when the door opens and Mr. Lenora says, "Ms. Barranco, thank you for coming to class today."

"Sorry, I caught the flu." I look up and Lexa is standing in front of me, looking sexy as usual. She's wearing a tight black leather skirt, red tank top and black leather jacket with black combats boots. Her black hair is curled and she has on dark makeup, highlighting her eyes. Mr. Lenora nods then she takes a seat in the very back. She looks down at the desk not making eye contact with me. "Mr. Reddings, can you focus on your test please?" I turn back around then nod. I finish up my test, turn it in, then take a seat next to Lexa. "Lexa," I whisper, "Lexa." No answer. "Riley, would you talk to me please?" She looks over at me, "Just leave me alone, Nikolai."

"Riley." She looks back down at the desk and I grip her arm, "You will answer me when I talk to you, do you understand?" I drag her out of the class and into the empty hallway. "Nik, you're hurting me," she shouts out. I let to of her arm and she rubs her arm, pulling off the sleeve of her jacket. A red handprint is on her left bicep and it looks like it might leave a bruise. "Lexa, I'm sorry."

"Don't apologize to me! I want you to leave me alone!" I shake my head, "Lex, you're my mate, I can't just leave you alone. I die inside every time we're apart and I know that's how you must be feeling." Her eyes flash to violet-black then back to hazel. "This is why I haven't been to school. Ever since my wings came in, I haven't been able to control them. My mom made me a pill that should control the transformation but it doesn't last long. I'll probably have to go home before lunch or else everyone will see the freak with wings." I shake my head, "I can take you home right now, Lex."

"I brought my car so don't worry about it. I'll probably have to take online classes from now on." I sigh and reach out for her, "Lex, I need a hug, please?" She nods then runs into my arms. She holds into me tightly and I hear her whisper, "I missed you, Nik."

"I missed you too, Lex." She pulls back then I ask, "Can I go by your house this afternoon?" She pulls out of my arms and looks at the ground, "My mom doesn't want anyone at the house right now. My powers and stuff are really unstable and she doesn't want anyone getting hurt because of it."

"Maybe I can help, baby." She shakes her head, "I'm sorry." I smile, "It's alright but can I ask you something?" She nods and I ask the question that has been on my mind for a week, "Why did you just freak out when you realized you were flying?" She rubs her hands together then answers, "It comes from a fear of heights. I was 8 and my mom bought a house that had this terrace thing that connected to her bedroom and I was looking out at the sunset then one of the bars came loose and I tumbled over the edge. I grabbed the ledge in time but I made the mistake of looking down. I could see myself falling to my death, my limbs broken off from my body.I screamed for help and about 10 minutes later, my mom came running out, pulled me over the ledge and held me tight. Ever since then I've been afraid of heights." I kiss her forehead, "I'm sorry, baby girl."

"It's alright, it's just hard considering I'm the one that has the wings." I grab her hand, "Why did you come to school today? Why didn't you just stay home?" A pink tint appears on her cheeks and she wraps her arms around my waist, "That's not important, I'm here aren't I?"

"Alexandra." She sighs, "I came to see you." I smile, "Just can't get enough of me, can you?"

"Shut up, egotistical wolf. Come by my house after school, I'll tell my mom to let you in." Her smile turns into a grimace then she says, "I gotta go." She runs away from me and out the school doors. "I can't believe that girl is your mate." I turn around and my ex-girlfriend, Haley, is standing behind me, dressed in her usual slutty outfit. I cross my arms, "The Moon Goddess picked the perfect girl for me. One that didn't cheat on me with one of my best friends, one who doesn't dress like a slut, one who didn't offer to have sex with my cousin!" She shrugs, "He declined, if it helps any."

"He has a mate who is pregnant!" She shrugs again and I get close to her face to make sure she understands me, "You stay away from Riley, do you understand me? If I hear that you hurt her in any way, I will exile you from the pack and make sure no other pack takes you in. You'll live your life as a Rogue." Her smile disappears from her face then she bows her head in submission, "Yes, Alpha." She walks away and I smirk, bitch. I grab my backpack from Mr. Lenora's class then walk out of the school. I jump into my car and drive out of the parking lot. I'm driving into Lex's driveway when I see her lying on the tile, unconscious. I turn off my car, jump out, then run over to her. I slide over on my knees and gather her in my arms, "Lexa, Alexandra!" Blood dribbles out of her mouth and I scream, "MELISSA!" She runs out of the house and over to me. "What happened?"

"I don't know. I pulled in and she was just lying here. Blood is coming out of her mouth, maybe it has to do with the pill she took."

"What pill?" I look at her, "The pill you made for her to help with the transformation."

"I didn't make her a pill, Nikolai." I look down at Lex and whisper, "Then what did she take?"


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