Chapter 9

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I carry Lex into the house and lay her on the couch. "Do you have any idea what she might've taken?" Melissa shakes her head and brings a big, leather bound book. Lex coughs and more blood dribbles out. "Melissa!" She flips the book open and starts saying a spell, "Hecate, goddess of magic, hear my plea! Heal my daughter, Alexandra Killian, of whatever has poisoned her body. Save her for myself and her mate, Nikolai Reddings Hear my plea, oh mother, Hecate! So mote it be!" A bright light wraps around Lex's chest then Melissa shouts, "Nik, get out of there." I stand and run over to her. She closes her eyes and I do the same. 5 minutes later, we hear a gasp. I look over and Lex is laying on the couch, her eyes wide open. I run over to her and kneel down next to her. "Lexa, can you hear me?"

"I can't feel my legs, Nik."


My legs are numb and I can't feel the warmth my powers bring me. I give Nik a panicked look and he presses his palms to my cheeks, "Hey, it's okay. Calm down, baby, calm down." I nod and he kisses my forehead. I close my eyes and whisper, "Where's my mom?" He calls out, "Melissa, she wants you." I open my eyes and my mom walks over, smiling. "How are you doing?"

"Momma, I can't feel my legs or powers." She stops walking over and shakes her head, "No, that's impossible. Try to do something." I nod and look Nik in the eyes. I try and manipulate him to twerk but he doesn't do anything. "Momma." She grabs my arms and closes her eyes. After a while, her eyes open and she shakes her head, "I can't feel anything. Your powers are gone and I can't see your wings." Tears come to my eyes and stream down my face. "This is impossible. Mom, what am I supposed to do if I have no wings, no powers, and no mobility? WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!" I start freaking out and hyperventilating when Nik wraps me in his arms, "Baby, baby, calm down. It's alright, you'll be okay. I'll be here for you, Lex." I nod and my mom suggests something, "Nikolai, she should move in with you. You might be able to protect her better then I can right now." I shake my head, "No, I'm not leaving you here by yourself. Nik, you have the room don't you?" He nods, "I have enough rooms, Melissa. Besides, you're the only one that can help Lex through all this." She thinks about it then nods, "Alright, we'll move in tomorrow. Tonight, you sleep and I'll pack up for us." I nod and look at Nik, "Can you carry me up to my room?" He nods and slides an arm under my knees then one across my back. He lifts me up, bridal style, then carries me out of the living room, up the stairs and into my bedroom. He opens up the comforter then lays me down. I grab his arm, "Stay with me? I don't want you to go yet." He nods and I scoot over so he can lie down. He takes off his shoes and shirt. I stare at his eight pack and lick my lips. Jesus, take the wheel. He lays down and pulls me close to him. I snuggle in close and he intertwines his legs with mine. "Warm," I mumble into his chest. He chuckles then kisses my head, "Goodnight Alexandra."

"Night Nikolai."


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