Chapter 13

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I run through the trees, seeing my house in the distance. I stop running and I hear Lex whisper, "Are we there yet?" I shift into my human form then cradle her in my arms. Her wings tickle the base of my neck and I give her a look, "Baby, can you like put away your left wing? Its kinda tickling me."

"I don't know if I can just put one wing away. I'll try though." She stares into my eyes and I smile. I don't feel the feathers against my neck so it must be working. Her wing shrinks away completely and she smiles, "I did it, Nik."

"Good job, baby." She snuggles into my chest and I keep walking. I reach the front door and set her down on the floor. She wraps her arms around my waist then I open up the door. Melissa comes running toward us and gasps, "Where is your other wing?"

"I put it away," Lex explains. Melissa nods then she wraps an arm around Lex's waist, "Come on, I need to check the wing. Nik, you might need to be there for her." Lex gives her a panicked look and I grab her hand, "Its okay, baby." She looks up at me then nods. We walk down the hall and into a hospital room. Melissa has Lex lay on her stomach and I sit on her left side so I can hold her hand. I grab her hand and rest it between both of mine, kissing her knuckles. She grins and Melissa looks up at me, "Her bones healed but they didn't set right. I need to break them again so they can heal properly." I nod and Lex starts hyperventilating, "No, no, I can't do this!" I rest my forehead against her cheek and whisper, "Hey, I'm right here. I'm not going to leave you, Alexandra, never." She nods and closes her eyes. I look at Melissa and nod. She sighs and grabs Lex's wing then I hear a snap. Lex screams in pain and I kiss her forehead, "Shhhh, it's almost done." I hear one more snap and Lex squeezes my hand, tears leaking out of her eyes. I press my lips against her neck, not kissing her but just keeping her calm. She rubs her thumb against my cheek then smiles. I press my lips to her ear and whisper, "I love you." She smiles but doesn't answer. Her thumb stops moving and her hand falls to the bed. "Lex, Alexandra."

"Nik, let her sleep. It's been a long day for everyone." I nod, kiss Lex's forehead then leave the room. Melissa links her arm through mine and she smiles, "You love her, don't you?"

"She's my life, I don't know what I would do without her." She nods and wrings her hands together, "I just wish I knew witches were capable of having mates. I would've waited for Vince and..." she trails off. She starts sobbing and I wrap my arms around her, "Melissa, I know that Vince doesn't care about that. You were young but at least you found, even if it did take a few years." She nods then we hear, "Mel, why are you crying?" Huh, speak of the devil. I turn around and Vince has a worried look on his face. "Just worried about Alex. I was actually going to go and find you right now. I wanted to talk to you about something." Vince nods and she walks toward him, grabs his hand and walks out of the hallway. I walk back into Lex's room and she's still sleeping. I sit beside her and just stare at her face. She's so beautiful, I can't stop looking at her. I grab her hand and lift it to my lips, "I love you, Alexandra." I kiss her hand then set it on the bed. I stand up and I'm about to walk out when I hear, "I love you too, Nik."


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