(Ch-2) Triplets

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"We beat his arse!"
"Did you see the look on his face?!"
"He never expected that!"
My brother's exclaimed from downstairs.

"Oh no! I left my laptop downstairs, shit..." I muttered under my breath, squinting my eyes.
I tip-toed out of my room, closing my door as gently as ever. I quietly ran down the hallway and looked for anyone downstairs, I let out a sigh in relief when I saw nobody downstairs.
I went down the stairs and walked to the kitchen, I look over to the kitchen counter to see my rose gold Mac book lying there. I walked to the counter to grab my laptop.

"Hey" someone says, I immediately knew who it was.
I turn around on my tippy toes "Hi, Lucas" I sighed.
There was sort of an awkward silence between us.
"Umm, I'm gonna go....." I turn back, and my laptop was gone.
"looking for this?" Blake had a devious smile, he was swinging my laptop with only his thumb and index finger, on top of our huge water vase. If my laptop goes in, it'll break! Blake knows how hard I worked for that laptop!
"Blake give it back!" I yell I'm a worry tone.
My other brother Ryan, just happened to walk in at the right time. He looks like he just woke up from a nap. He was so tired and he was yawning.
"RYAN CATCH!" Blake yells. Before Ryan could say or realize anything, Blake throws my laptop up in the air, towards Ryan.
"Huh Wha-" Ryan notices my laptop and runs down from the stairs and catches my laptop and lands flat on his chest. This is one of those times that I'm grateful that my brother's are Football players. I quickly ran up to Ryan and snatched my laptop from him and in a second I was in my room, I'm a fast runner.

Who were they you may ask? My 3 annoying triplet brothers Blake, Ryan, and Lucas. Blake being the oldest, Ryan being the middle-child, and Lucas being the youngest. Being the roudy and crazy 17 year old they are, they often tease me, I mean, siblings do that but, not gonna lie, I ain't that close to them. I mean I like them but yeah, not that close to them.
They rule the school. Really popular, (best) friends with the other popular guys at school. Girls throw themselves at them. Blake is also the football team captain while Ryan is the vice captain. Lucas is the president of the student council.

All of them are very built, they play alot of sports and hit the gym quite frequently. And then there's me, I'm tall, but nothing compared to my brother's. They can easily place thier chin on my the top my head. I play basketball, my favorite game in the whole wide world, if I may add. Now a bit about me, my name is Elainy (pronounced El-ah-ni) Saphrano. But people call me El, trying to survive high school. As you already know I play basketball, while my brother's play football. I'm 14 almost 15.

My brother's are all blonds like my dad, me and my mom are brunettes. We both have black hair. Blake has blue eyes like my dad, Ryan had emerald green eyes like my mom, and me and Lucas have hazel brown eyes. My brother's look nothing like each other, they're fraternal triplets. Lucas also has a mop of curls.
I threw my laptop gently on my bed and flapped on it too. I sat up and looked at laptop. I brought it closer, and opened it. I watched a bit of YouTube a and quickly turned over to Netflix, I started watching Stranger Things.

My phone started to ring. I looked at the caller ID, a smile tugging on my face.
"Hey Tyler" I said smiling, looking down at my feet. My hair brushing my face gently.
"Hi El, Whatcha doing?" He asked in a playful tone.
"Nothing much, you?"
"Going to ask you a question"
"Yes?" I asked curiously.
"So, do you maybe wanna skateboard later?"
"Sure!" I exclaimed. I loved to skateboard especially with Tyler, actually I liked doing anything with him.
"Wow ok, calm down" he chuckled on the other line, that made me grin.
"Well, what time?" The smile still on my face.
"Ok, that works for me"
"OK, good, wait before you hang up. Don't do your homework" he said slowly.
"I thought maybe we could do it together" he said, which caused my smile to grow even bigger.
"Alright, bye!" I agreed.

I looked over to my phone, seeing the time was already 7:30. Wow time does move fast!
The smile still didn't leave my face.

There was a knock on the door which got me out of my thoughts.
"Come in" I said loud enough for the other person to hear.
The door opened to reveal Blake.
"Mum wants me to call you downstairs for dinner."
"Ok I'll be down there in a second"
"A seconds over" he smirked.
I rolled my eyes at him in annoyance.
"Why are you grinning like an idiot?" He furrowed his eyebrows."Wait, you are an idiot, so why are you grinning?"
I rolled my eyes and scoffed at him. I hadn't realized that I was still smiling until Blake pointed it out, rudely. The smile soon left my face.
"It's none of your business" I scoffed.
He rolled eyes and slammed the door, but not too loudly.


(A/N: Happy new year! Ah yes, a cliffhanger. Next chapter is about Tyler and a bit of dinner, who do you think Tyler is? Comment!)

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