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Life with Older Brothers by blue4434
Life with Older Brothersby blue4434
Hi, my name is Landon Moore. I live with my dad and two older brothers. They're great most of the time, but others they're a pain in the butt!! Follow my journey without...
  • brothers
  • parentproblems
  • olderbrothers
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Family Issues by blackrxse121
Family Issuesby Mxnny
6 older overprotective brothers. No parents. First year of high school that more than half her brothers go to. What can go wrong? Especially when she finds out a lil so...
  • brothers
  • littlesister
  • dangerous
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Bedtime by staynegativebabe
Bedtimeby Haley
I guess it started with the bedtimes stories. Frightful one, filled with monsters and evil captors. To my young mind they seemed almost real. I would stay in his bed, to...
  • young
  • teen
  • sister
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My Brothers by SecretRose13
My Brothersby Rose
Imagine leaving. Walking away. Turning your back on everything you've ever known. Well Quinn had to. Her mother died and she had to go and live with her father that her...
  • brothers
  • sad
  • alone
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My Strict Brothers.. by holybitch1111
My Strict holybitch1111
Leaving Harley alone with a foster parent was one thing her brothers never wanted to do. And now after two years. It's no longer innocent nerdy Harley. can she be saved...
  • holybitch1111
  • featured
  • bullying
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The Van Frankenburg's by vijoyv
The Van Frankenburg'sby vijoyv
Sixteen year old Aubrey lives with her four brothers. James; her best friend, partner in crime and twin. The one who's she's constantly looking out for and who's consta...
  • spanking
  • brothers
  • corporalpunishment
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Being the baby Sister by Emma_Estelle
Being the baby Sisterby 😇Emmy 😈
Gwen is the only girl in her family besides her mom. She has two older brothers, Maddox (Max) who is 18, and Nickson (Nick) who is 16. Her mom traveled a lot and her dad...
  • funny
  • bigbrother
  • littlesister
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The Life Notebook by Anthem3
The Life Notebookby Anthem3
Norah Lee Baker is not your ordinary girl. Her life is filled with chaos and secrets. She has 5 older brothers and she's been keeping a secret from them. She has cancer...
  • tearjerker
  • friends
  • doctors
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oh, brother by itsmillie14
oh, brotherby milz
In the eyes of 5-year-old Lacey Thompson, life was confusing. Sometimes it's because she doesn't understand what her big brothers are talking about. Sometimes it's beca...
  • overprotective
  • olderbrother
  • adorable
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A Second Time by DepressedBananas
A Second Timeby Alli
Pure happiness filled Emelia Joseph's face from the moment she saw the key attached to her guitar, till she finally was able to enter the house. Only then did the happin...
  • bigbrother
  • cbsbb
  • bb21
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Living with Brothers by soccer3456
Living with Brothersby soccer3456
Emily Kingston is a 14 year old girl that has it all. The wealth, popularity, friends, and maybe even the guy. What's the catch? 5 older brothers that were sent on this...
  • siblingrivalry
  • littlesister
  • bigbrothers
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Holland Sister by holland_family
Holland Sisterby holland_family
Willow Holland is 10 years old and lives in London with her parents and 4 brothers. She is the youngest and only Holland sister and everyone is super overprotective of h...
  • littlesister
  • siblinglove
  • hollandfamily
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stepbrothers by carmelabirlemmm
stepbrothersby carmelabirlemmm
Amelia went to summer camp with her best friends. She was excited to come home and see her dad but turns out she has more than just her dad to come home to...
  • stepmom
  • overprotectivebrothers
  • pranks
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The Forgotten Four  by chaitali_14
The Forgotten Four by Chaitali mhatre
#1 in big brother "do not talk to them" "If you see them, try your best to avoid them" "If they see you and try to talk to you, run away, scre...
  • protective
  • badboyxgoodgirl
  • brother
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Me and My Silent Brother by EsmeRose21
Me and My Silent Brotherby EsmeRose21
17 year old Tyler Johnson is a popular boy who seems to have it all but in reality his home life isn't great at all. His 10 year old brother Noah refuses to talk to anyo...
  • abuse
  • divorce
  • school
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Big Brother by Deadly_Mermaid
Big Brotherby Deadly_Mermaid
Amber Marley was a normal 16 year old girl. Until her mother remarries, and she meets her new big brother, Luke. Things get a little more complicated in her life.... °•°...
  • stepbrother
  • littlesister
  • romance
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I've changed by iloveu_Gerard_Iero
I've changedby chachalol1_lovesmcr
When Kayla finds her boyfriend and best friend in bed with each other, she can finally drops the nice act. She used to be the badass in hiding. Not even her best friend...
  • abuse
  • revenge
  • hateandlove
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Secret Sister by books_n_boots
Secret Sisterby books_n_boots
Maria was adopted by the third in her pack. She doesn't know that her brothers are the Alpha's sons, or that the Alpha himself was her father. Everything is normal. Noth...
  • adoption
  • sister
  • alpha
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Protective Brothers by Avenged_AngelGrace
Protective Brothersby Ari [ Phone Gangsta ]
Ari is a fifteen year old girl with a twin who is older then her by seven hours, along with a brother who is three years older, her other brother who is older by four ye...
  • bigbrothers
  • supernatural
  • overprotectivebrothers
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Saving Each Other  by jordyonboardy
Saving Each Other by jordyonboardy
Natalie's had a hard life. At 9 years old, she had been bounced around between 8 different foster homes and lived in poor inner city neighborhoods. In walks gang leader...
  • littlebrother
  • bigbrothers
  • child
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