(Ch-7) Cry fest

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I sat there, lost in my thoughts. The wind brought me back to life.
I sighed knowing, that this was one of the most horrible news I've ever heard.
I looked at my phone, surprised mum or dad didn't call me or text me. Oh wait, my phone was on silent and I turned my notifications off.

"Oh Crap!" I muttered to myself, realizing that mum has called me 16 times and dad left me 22 text messages!
I still didn't move an inch from my spot, I sat there still, my feet dangling.

It started to get chilly. A thin line of shiver ran down my spine.
I jumped down the ramp and grabbed my skateboard, gently placing it down.

Tyler's face kept flooding back in my mind, as I slowly started to ride the skateboard.





These two words kept playing in my head. Another tear ran down my cheek as I got on skateboard, my skateboard gradually catching speed. I hugged myself for warmth and comfort.

Before I knew it, those tears turned into small sobs.

I didn't wanna go home crying, or else mum and dad would question. That's the last thing I want, I don't want to talk to anyone.

I quickly wiped my tears with the sleeve of my jacket and continued riding home. I tried my best not to think about Tyler or Cancer. Which was impossible.

I took out my phone out of the back of my pocket, causing my skateboard to slip a little bit gradually gain speed again. I checked the time 11:38 pm.
"Shit." I muttered, knowing I'd be dead, once I got home.

I started to worry about Tyler, why hasn't he texted me yet?

To Tyler:
Hey Tyler, did you reach home? I'm sure you did, but just wanted to make sure.

I put my phone back in my pocket as soon as I saw my house. The lights are on. I'm dead.

I didn't want to die, not today at least, so I climbed through the fence and reached the back yard, we have this huge tree with a tire swing, me and my grandpa made it with my brother's. Good memories.

I climbed up on the tree, and yes, with a skateboard and a bag- correction heavy bag on my back.

"Ouch!" I mumbled, as I twig hit me on the head.
I finally climbed onto the roof and carefully walked over to the window to my bedroom, I made sure to take my shoes off before I got in.

The window was surprisingly open, did I not close it when I was out?

I climbed in and landed on my bed. I groaned and threw my bag away and put my skateboard down. I felt my phone vibrate in the back, I took it out and smiled.

Yep, I did reach home, you? I don't want you out to late, ok?

I giggled at his concern and texted him back.

To Tyler:
Yes i did reach home, dad.

I switched my phone off, and darkness surounded me.
I got off my bed and made my way over to my light switch. And I turned it on.

"AHHHH" I screamed.
"WHA- HUH- WHO- WHERE- WHEN-" His gaze meet mine.
"What are you doing in my room, Ryan!" I yelled at him for startling me.

He was asleep on my rolling chair, his long wavy hair covering his eyes, and his drool all over my gray rolling chair, ew.

"I was waiting for you!" He exclaimed.
"Yeah right, now I repeat, why are you here?" I rolled my eyes.
"And is that my computer?!" I exclaimed.
"Hey, I needed something to do my research on!" He raised his arms up in surrender.
"You have a phone! Use that!" I said, pointing to the device in his hand.
He opened his mouth to say something, but Lucas came in rubbing his eyes.
"Do you want to wake up the whole household, Ryan?" Lucas stopped and looked at me, "Where were you, do you know what time it is?!".
I ignored his question since he clearly knew the answer, I snatched my laptop from my desk, before Ryan can do anything more.
"Hey! I need that!" He yelled, which I ignored, again.

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