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Three Brothers by userreee
Three Brothersby ꧁ 𝑹. ꧂
"I wish you were never born!" He screamed at my shocked face. I was in the verge of crying, but I decided to stay strong. "Fine! You all hate me and I hat...
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Our Destiny by Princess_Aneesa04
Our Destinyby Princess_Aneesa04
Meet Aaliya Ahmed a loving, caring, bubbly, gorgeous and lovely person who will do anything for her family but is suddenly changed because of her horrible past. But will...
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Raison d'Etre (IDOLiSH7) by RazenshiaSapphire08
Raison d'Etre (IDOLiSH7)by Niwatori Mitsuki
In which the future Nanase Riku strikes a bargain to change the past. And meet his younger self and twin brother, prompting him to become their guardian as it will be th...
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[BL] Gege's Self Saving System (ON HOLD) by Wu_Ming
[BL] Gege's Self Saving System ( ♥Chim♥
A Scum Villain Self Saving System Fanfiction ~♥~ Summary: Setelah mengutuk ending dari novel yang diikutinya, Shen Yuan mati kemudian bertransmigrasi sebagai karakter y...
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Ducktales 2017 One-Shots by Cartoonlover233
Ducktales 2017 One-Shotsby Cartoonlover233
Hi guys!!! This is going to be my one-shot book as you can tell. I will also be showing my art and amvs and etc on here too, but it's mainly going to be one-shots. So t...
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I'm suffocating  by Janeofmischief
I'm suffocating by Janeofmischief
If it was at the point that death was the only solution that Curly Shepard could think of then it was bad
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Naruto fanfiction by Leo_The_Sinner
Naruto fanfictionby Leonardo
Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto, Neji and Ino join the Akatsuki. Sasuke, Naruto and Neji are girls, Ino is protective of Naruto, Sakura is the motherly one of them all. They leav...
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Bundle of Bodes by Sonny_April
Bundle of Bodesby Sonny April
Kinsey and Bode have a little fun goofing off in each other's heads, which eventually leads to Bode's feelings escaping his head and overthrowing him. It's up to Tyler a...
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Please Explain by SoraMJigen
Please Explainby SoraMJigen
Why do living things need feelings?
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War of Ages by LynnetteWaterson
War of Agesby Snowywoods91601
Do you like monsters? Or, maybe your more of the hero type. Both are welcome to read! Follow a journey of a young women, and her soldiers, to whom is humanitys last h...
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A Different Kind of Peace by iAteTheRamen
A Different Kind of Peaceby Maribelle
His futile efforts only aggravated Rabbit's laughter. "Darn it all Rabbit, stop laughing!" A silly, endearing one-shot.
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The Very Beginning (Remus Lupin)1st &2nd year by TalleyBear
The Very Beginning (Remus Lupin) Talley Bear
Sirius Black and his twin sister, Ylva Black are finally heading to Hogwarts for their first year. The twins are inseparable, and are attached at the hip, probably as a...
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National Lampoon's Hargreeves Family Vacation by funghoul_killjoy
National Lampoon's Hargreeves funghoul_killjoy
The Hargreeves are tired after saving the world and need a summer vacation. They rent a cabin near the ocean for a week, trying to rebuild relationships and bond after a...
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Nightmare by lapamant
Nightmareby lapamant
Tiny oneshot drabble, prolly shitty but eh
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Just Me & You by KK_315
Just Me & Youby K.L.M
When you're all alone, but have to take care of your baby sister there isn't much you can do. Nothing you can say, because going to Foster Care or the Adoption Home is N...
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Sibling by InkPrincess54
Siblingby Selena
The Nameless Ghouls are bored being the only male Ghouls in the church. They are now craving for the attention of a female Ghoul, a ghuleh sister they could play around...
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Didn't Notice by KarenHikari
Didn't Noticeby Karen Hikari
He didn't notice when he'd grown fond of that girl. He didn't notice when he stared to trust her. Yes, there were many, many things that Nico hadn't noticed about his re...
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Vanya, Klaus, & Diego (& Ben) by Queer_illusion
Vanya, Klaus, & Diego (& Ben)by ~ ❤️ • ⚔️ • ❤️ ~
AU where Diego and Klaus (and Ben) brake Vanya out when Luther locks her up and the four of them run away from the others together. Mostly sibling bonding time and the h...
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Tails of A Half Blood: Birthmark by IziWilson76
Tails of A Half Blood: Birthmarkby Isa Wilson
Hi. My names Blair. Blair Blakely. I never set out to be part of this prophecy that would have me choose the fate of Mako Island. It's not the average life for a regular...
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Beneath the Same Stars by gamerkitty6274
Beneath the Same Starsby Sumi
'"Because no matter where we are, we'll still be under the same stars." Why is it that you can say these words so easily?' AU. Gladion tries to pick up the pie...
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