(Ch-9) Tea Party

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"The essay will be written in the form of three parts," Mr. Aaron brought his red maker up to the white board and divided into three colomns. "The cause of the experiment, the observation occurring while doing the experiment, and the result after the experiment." He said, his back facing us as he was writing it on the board. Just as he opened his mouth to say something, the bell rang.

"Finally!" I sighed and was about to run out of the class until I was being called.

"Ms. Saphrano," I turned to look at him. "Yes?", "Could you come here for a minute?" He asked. I held the straps of my bag and walked to him, I looked up at him. He gave me a sad smile. "How's Mr. Parker holding up? I heard the grieving news from his mother last night," he sighed."Cancer isn't an easy thing, my twelve year old sister had it." I became curious,"I'm sorry, had?" He closed his eyes and cleared his throat, I could tell he was getting emotional. "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize-". I was interupted,"No" he sighed. "its fine, she had stage 4 blood cancer, a week before her thirteenth birthday, the doctor said she wouldn't make it." He stopped for a bit taking in a shaky breath. "I had never seen my mother cry so bad that night after coming from the hospital, and I had never seen my father cry at all. My sister stayed the night there. The doctors wouldn't let us stay at her critical condition."

I felt bad for him, honestly. But I really had to get to class. "Mr. Aaron, um I'm sorry for your grieving loss," I sighed."But I've got to get to class." I said, hoping he'd understand my situation and let me go. "Right, I'm sorry for keeping you Ms. Saphrano, you may now go." He said, now sitting on his desk, taking his watch off and trying to clean the tears built upon it.
Part of me wanted to stay, comfort him, but the other part urged me to get to class. I sighed and walked out of the now empty classroom, except for Mr. Aaron of course.

I know it was heartless of me to leave him at an emotional state like that, but he reminded me of Tyler, and I had to get to the twelth grade math class. I rushed through the now empty hallways, assuming everyone has gone to class. I immediately climbed up the three flights of stairs, leading me to the twelth grade math class. I huphed but kept running to my class.

I slammed the door open at the sight of my class. "So the test-" Mrs. Willer and the whole class turned to look at my panting self. Mrs. Willer was leaning against the desk which was facing everyone else, when she saw me she tilt her head down a bit, making her red glasses slide down a bit to the bridge of her nose and she pushed herself up from the leaning position as she turned to me. "Ah, Ms. Saphrano, we were expecting you." She gave me a rather cold glare. "Now, would you like to share with the class the reason for your delay?" She said, using the tip of her hands to point at the class. "I uh, Mr. Aaron stopped me at my previous class, I'm so sorry, Mrs. Willer." She crossed her hands and sighed. "Fine," She huphed. "You may go sit at the empty seat next to," She placed her finger on her chin as she switched gazes between the class, thinking of where I should sit. "Ah," She slightly smiled pointing at a empty seat next to him. Oh God, please no! I thought to myself before the sentence I didn't want her to say escaped from her dark cherry red lipstick lips. "Your brother."

I'm a really bright student, not to brag or anything but I go to the twelth grade for maths along with, Blake. I'm the youngest in the class, a fourteen year old in a class bunch of seventeen or eighteen year olds.

Blake looked up at me, clearly pissed off at Mrs. Willer's decision. "Mrs. Willer, can I sit by the window over at the corner of the class?" I asked politely, pointing to the seat I wanted, not taking my gaze of her wrinkley face. "I don't know, can you? Is there a problem sitting next to your brother, Ms. Saphrano?" She spat. Jeez who pissed in her cherrios, I thought to myself. I mentally rolled my eyes and headed to where Blake was sitting, then Mrs. Willer turned back and continued to teach. He was sitting in the outer seat out of the conjoined two seats, his bag resting on the other chair. When I went over he ignored me and looked straight at the board. Wow so 'focused'! I mentally rolled my eyes. "Uh Blake? Could you um, like scoot, in or something?" I whispered awkwardly, so only the both of us could hear it. He groaned and scoot in placing his bag down, "Why do you have to be such a smart-a*s?" He mumbled."Was that a compliment?" I asked, flipping through my textbook.

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