(Ch-19) The Dead Girl

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Still Ryan's P.O.V
I walked to the door, and my heart was racing and I can tell so was Axel's and Lucas's . I walked up to the door and took a deep breath,I turned back to look at the guys. "Ready?" I asked, nervously."Ready." They answered simultaneously.
I took a deep breath as I kept my hand on the door knob. The door banged again and I heard someone shout from the outside. "Is anyone home?". I could feel the vibration when the person banged the door. "Well, what are you waiting for? Open the bloody door!" Axel spat."Ok ok, geez.".
"Wait!" Lucas yelled, stopping me. "I just wanted to say that this feels like a horror movie!" Lucas sequeled with excitement. I rolled my eyes and opened the door at the same time.

I opened the door to be see Blake, the only thing he wore was a black tank top (for guys, I have no idea what those are called), his whole body was soaking wet. He was carrying a yellow bag on his shoulder, which was slightly wet, not too much tho. His now blond hair was dark due to the rain. Droplets of water fell on his body from his hair and the rain. He was shivering, because of the cold. He held something in his hands. I looked down to see him holding what seemed to be my sister, in bridal style. She was not wet, because of Blake's sweatshirt, she was wearing it, with the hood on her head, preventing her hair to get wet. She was curled up in a small little ball. That caused my lips to twitch up a bit. She was asleep and I could tell she was peaceful. I watched as her chest rose up and down slowly, indicating she was asleep. I could see faint marks of dried tears on her cheeks, like she recently cried.
"-Ryan, let-t me i-in. It's c-cold." Blake looked at me. I snapped out of my gaze and shifted, letting him in.
"Right, sorry." I mumbled. He got in and I closed the door.
"Hey! Blake!" Axel exclaimed.
"Shh!" Blake hushed him. "Keep it down, she's sleeping." Blake then turned away.
Axel went in front of him and looked down at my sleeping sister. He took one finger and poked her cheek, causing her to move a little. "Stop! You'll wake her up!" He whispered harshly. Me, Lucas and Axel exchanged confused looks. Blame ignored us and he went up the stairs, cautiously, with El still in his arms.
"What's up with him?" Axel scrunched up his face in confusion.
"I Dunno." I shrug.
"What happened to Elainy?" Lucas asked, concerned.
"Who cares?" Axel shrugged and went to the kitchen to grab an apple. Be came back, tossing the green apple in his hands, before taking a bite into it, a big one that too.
Lucas mumbled something under his breath but I couldn't hear it.
"Huh?" Axel asked.
"Nothing." Lucas shook his head.
"C'mon, let's go follow Blake." I said and started to walk towards the stairs. The boys slowly started to trail behind me.

We reached to top of the stairs to the second floor. The door of Elainy's room was open. 'Blake must've gone in there.' I thought. We stood there for a second, not sure what to do. "I seriously think this is a murder mystery!" Lucas squeeled. "What's the matter with you!" I furrowed my eyebrows. "What? I'm just saying, I mean, it's raining. A few minutes ago, Blake was banging on the door. A dead girl in his arms and-""-A dead girl in his arms?!" I interupted."What are you? Crazy? She was just sleeping." I rolled my eyes and we started heading towards Elainy's room. We entered the hallways and we took a right, see Elainy's door. We walked in her room.

Blake gently put her down on her bed and took her back pack off of his arms and hung it on her chair. We silently watched him as he did. He put blankets on Elainy, she stirred a bit in her sleep. Blake then took off the hood because she was never comfortable in hoods, she gets ear infections because of the itchiness. But, she still wears it all the time at school. Hm, I wonder why. Everyone's nice to her. Everyone loves. I mean, after all, she is my sister. Who wouldn't be nice to her? Blake then proceeded to put her curtains and turned to Lucas. "Go bring her a glass of water,-"He whispered until Lucas finished for him. "kitchen water, I know." Lucas happily made his way downstairs. Me and Axel were still staring at him, Axel's jaws were dropping, quite literally, as a matter of fact. Lucas then came upstairs with clear glass of water and went in the room and handed it to Blake, who kept it on her night stand. Lucas waddled out like a penguin and stood beside me. "Dude," he leaned in towards me, his gaze still on Blake. "What's up with Blake? He's being all," he took a pause, searching for his words. "-N-nice, especially to El?" He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. I nodded and shrugged. Blake came out moments later and closed the door behind him. He passed through us and made his way to his room, where again, we followed.

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