(Ch-20) Bambina

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Elainy's P.O.V
My eyes suddenly fluttered open. 'Where am I?' I thought to myself. I was facing the edge of my bed and my feet were dangling out of the covers, I turned to face on my back and looked around. 'I'm in my room.' I rubbed my eyes, they were sticky. "How exactly did I get here?" I mumbled to myself. I sighed to myself. I wasn't sleepy, but I was still tired. I sat up on my bed and glanced around my room. I took the blanket off of me, messily. I sat on the edge of my bed and put my head in my palms. I head a immense pounding headache, I groaned and looked at my phone, which was sitting on my night stand. I grabbed and unlocked it, the brightness caused my headache to worsen, which caused me to make a weird face at the sudden light. "2:21 A.M." I mumbled under my breath.
I switched my phone off and groaned, my headache was definitely not helping.
I stood up and stretched my arms and legs, I went to face my mirror and was greeted by messy hair, dry skin, smudged make up. I looked like a crusty potato.

'You mean, a BAKED crusty potato!' She cackles.
"Haha, very funny." I rolled my eyes in sarcasm.
'Midnight snackssss!'
"Oh yeah! It's about time isn't it?" I shrugged. I grabbed my phone and headed downstairs.

I reached downstairs and headed for the kitchen, I saw someone sitting on the high chair at the kitchen island , they were facing sideways to me. The only source of light was from a brown lamp, which lit up halfway through the kitchen, then everything either had a faint of light projecting on them or it was completely dark. I walked up to the counter and headed to the sink, without sparing a glance at the person. I turned around to face the island. I was greeted with Lucas, who was already looking at me before I turned around. He was wearing a Grey hoodie and some red striped boxers. He held a cup with both of his hands.

"Hi," I said, looking through the pantry, my back facing him.
He sighed. "Hey,".
"Why are you up?" I asked, still not facing him.
"Same reason you are." I turned to look at him and I noticed his eyes were blood shot red.
"Erm, are you okay?" I asked, but it sounded more like a question.
He stared off into space befire he snapped out of it. "Huh? Oh um.... Yeah." He sighed.
"What's that on the sleeves of your shirt?" I asked, pointing to his sleeves. I noticed some stain of a liquid oozing from the middle of his sleeve reaching to the hem of his sleeve. I couldn't see what color it was due to the dark, but I saw some dark red.
He looked at it uncomfortably and pulled his sleeve up to cover his arms more, he then placed his hand back to his cup. "It's um, ketchup." He looked at his drink.
"I'm not gonna even ask why." I shrugged as I chuckled, getting used to his weird antics.
My headache was getting worse. I rubber my temples white getting since string cheese and a bag of popcorn, making sure to pop it in the microwave before pouring it in the bowl. I took all of the food and slid it across the island, I walked around the island and plopped down on a high chair right next to Lucas, drawing all my food and dragging it closer to me. I sighed and popped a popcorn in my mouth, while running my hands on my temple.

"Headache?" Lucas asked, not looking up at me, but taking a drink from his cup.
I nodded, not wanting to speak in order to enjoy my popcorn.
"Here," He slid his cup in front of me containing a liquid halfway through the cup. I looked into his cup and furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. 'It's poison!' She hissed. "Chill, it's just coffee. It helps with headaches." He answered at my confused state. "Oh." I took a small sip. "It's bitter." I gagged, sliding the cup back to him. He had a small smile on his face as he watched this cup slide back to him.

There was something different about his smile. Now that I think about it, all his smiles have been different lately, they held something behind them. An emotion I was familiar with, but I wasn't used to seeing on Lucas. I couldn't point my finger on it tho. What is it?

I held up a can of string cheese in front of his face, shaking if gently. "String cheese?" I offered to cut our awkward tension.
"No thanks." He sighed.

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