(Ch-22) The Arrival Of The Devil

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I woke up on the wrong side of my bed, instantly making me mad and groggy. My alarm wasn't quite helping me either, I seriously thought about banging it with a hammer like how they do in cartoons. I looked at my alarm clocks, 6:30 am. I barely got a wink of sleep last night, why? Because yesterday, I spent the whole day practicing basketball (with Blake) and the rest of the evening and night helping Blake with math. We started at sometime around 7 and all the way to 3 in the morning. We barely took breaks in between and even if we did, we'd fight. He'd say something hurtful and then I would curse at him. We really didn't get along.

Today was try-outs and I really wasn't sure if I wasn't going to pass out of something in the middle of try-outs. I mean, I barely got any sleep. And I'm feeling extra tired today.

I sat up on my bed and I felt the region below my waist way too icky. I groaned knowing it was that time-of-the-month. I grabbed my pillow and stuffed my face into it. I screamed into my pillow, letting all the negative things out, which mainly consisted of school and my brothers.

I stood up from my bed and looked down at the huge pool of stain on my plain light pink bedsheets. I felt myself getting agitated, I started thumping my foot on the ground. Call me a spoilt brat, but I really, really, really liked this bedsheets and now it's ruined! "I hate being a girl!" I grabbed the pillow and screamed into it. I then threw the pillow in the corner of the room and stomped my way to the bathroom.

I brushed my teeth and did all my necessary things. I opened the drawer for some pads and tampons, but they were almost finished. I felt myself getting sad over it for no reason. I sighed and used the last pad and changed, I made my way downstairs.

"Morning!" Mum smiled at me as she looked up from her laptop. She was sitting at the dining table with dad by her side reading a newspaper which covered his face and, my two half asleep brothers.
"Hi." I reacted bluntly as I grabbed a bowl and spoon and sat myself down on the table. I poured some milk into my bowl and I looked over at the honey cheerio box and took it. I tilted the box sideways so it would pour into my bowl, but to my disappointment, nothing came out.
"Where's the cheerios?" I asked looking up at dad.
"There's none." Dad smiled at me.
"Then why the hell is there a empty cherio box with no cherio in it, on the table?!" I shot. I don't know what happened, I felt my blood boil. Everyone fell silent and looked at me, and I realized what I did. "Um sorry, I uh woke up on the wrong side of the bed." I scratched the back of my neck sheepishly. "I- uh, where's Lucas?" I asked, quickly wanting to change the topic.
"Your brothers not feeling well, he won't be going to school today." Mum took a sip of her coffee.
"Oh." I nodded. "Is there anymore cereal left." I looked at mum and she shook her head. "That was the last box."

When mum said that I felt the back of my eyes sting. "W-what?" I choked back a sob threatening to escape.
"Yeah, but we'll get some more." Mum said as she typed some thing on her computer.

This is cereal we're talking about, beautiful, beautiful cereal. Cereal created by our hardworking ancestors in the 1800's. It's tender corners with its unique and elegant shapes. It's satisfying crunchiness and it's munching sound directly gifted from God himself/herself. It's golden-brown colors with just the perfect and right light shade of yellow. The way they move in sync with the milk, they smoothly swim in the river of milk like a flock of beautiful swans and- oh my goodness, I did not just make up a dramatic description of cereal in my mind.

"Honey, why are you crying?" Mum caressed my cheeks and wiped my tears. I was crying?
"I-i, t-theres no c-cereal." I started to wail and I hid my face in the hands. You've got to be kidding me, I did not just cry over cereal. Ugh! Fu*k stupid teenage hormones!
"You don't have to cry over that. Here." Mum handed me a tissue and I blew my nose into it.
"B-but it's c-cereal we-we're talking ab-about." I wiped my tears as I took a shaky breath in.
"Is it that time-of-the-month?" Mum looked at me sympathy.
"Mhm." I nodded.
"What's that time-of-the-month?" Ryan furrowed his eyebrows as he looked confused. He exchanged gazes between me and mum. He finally talks.
"None of your business!" I shot at him.
"Geez, I was just asking." Ryan mumbled as he rolled his eyes.
"Hey dad?" I looked at dad.
"Yes?" He looked up from his newspaper.
"I- um," Oh gosh, this is going to be so awkward... "C-could you- I mean, if you d-dont mind, go to the pharmacy at your hospital to get me some-" I stopped, I didn't know what to say.
Dad just smiled at me. "Sure honey, anything else?" I shook my head.

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