(Ch-6) The Places We Find

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"I've got to go." Tyler said.
"Why?" I said, a tear still dripping from my eye.
"Mum told me to come home before 11." He said plainly.
I took out my phone, and the time read 10:47. "What?! I feel like I just got here!" I sniffled, trying to put on a happy face for him.
He just chuckled.
"I've been crying for two and a half hours?" I asked, innocently.
He broke a smile at my words then nodded.
He jumped from the sides of the ramp where it wasn't that steep.
"Wait!" I yelled after him. As he fixed his beanie, his skateboard under his armpits.
He turned on his tippy-toes.
"We didn't even skate or do homework!" I said.
"Why do you think you came here?"
"To skate and do homework." I said in a"duh" voice.
"And that's where you're wrong."
"Huh?" I ask, confused.
"I told you to come here so I could have told you about this whole cancer thing, if I said that I've got bad news, you'd be worried. So I made up an excuse." He gave me a small smile.
I didn't say anything. We stood there making eye contact before he broke it.
"Anyways bye." He waved, giving me a weak smile before turning back around.
"Text me when you get home!" I yelled.
"Will do." He replied giving me a thumbs up.

I watched him slowly disappear under the moonlight, by his own shadow. He's left using our secret entrance.

I still remember the day we, well I found this place. I remember we were in the seventh grade. I was being chased by six ninth graders, throwing rocks and stones at me. If I was lucky, a soft pebble would hit me instead. Why you may ask? I stitched on them at school just a couple of hours before, Tyler had caught them smoking cigarettes in the boys bathroom. He told me because he wasn't sure whether or not to tell a teacher, so I did the right thing and went to the classroom of the meanest, strictest, yet smartest teacher of the school, Mr. C. Prasad. Nobody liked Mr.Prasad, he was mean, real mean. I heard that one day, one of his student came to his class right after the bell rung and he got detention in the principles office for the whole week. He was only a minute late!  That's how I know never to get on his bad side. He teaches higher secondary physics and A.P calculas. He always wears a white striped shirt with navy blue jeans and suspenders. He has the funniest glasses. Sometimes, he took our classes in seventh grade as a substitute, it was no fun, it always made me want to fall asleep. Now that I'm in ninth grade, I have his class in A.P calculus.  After I told Mr.Prasad, he stared at me in disbelief, and Tyler? He was hiding behind me, he was always scared of him for some reason. I led him to the boys bathroom, me and Tyler waited outside. When Mr.Prasad went in, about five seconds later, we heard shuffling, screaming and things dropping, me and Tyler started giggling knowing they'll be in trouble for a big time. Tyler left a few minutes later, leaving me alone in the empty hallways, waiting for Mr.Prasad. After several minutes he come out with the 6 ninth graders, in a line. "Thank you Ms.Saphrano. Oh and tell your brother, Ryan to turn in his physics essay by tomorrow." After he said that the boys have me deadly glares, if looks could kill, I'd be dead by now. One of them mouthed we will deal with you later I simply shrugged it off.

Oh, you see that girl running out of the huge school gates being chased by the ninth graders and thier friends? Oh yeah, thats me! Running behind them, that's Tyler, with my math homework, but the boys were chasing me so I had no time to collect it from him. "Get back here you little snitch!" Yelled one of the guys, with blond hair and blue eyes. "No, like am I dumb?" I said over my shoulders.
That just made them run even faster, where were my brother's? Standing right over there, too busy talking and impressing the whores to notice a few ninth graders were chasing thier sister.

So, about running for about 15 minutes straight, we crossed a dirt path in the middle of the woods filed with rocks, stones, mud, pebbles and a few shattered glass pieces. The boys grabbed them and started throwing them at me. I saw a huge wall on my right side and a hole, big enough to fit me but not the guys,considering their size.

I looked over my shoulder and saw the guys were not too far behind, and so I took this opportunity for my will to live and squeezed through the hole. I peeped through the hole and saw them just standing there. "Where is that pesky thing?" one of them yelled. "She's lucky she got away, or I would've beaten the shit outta her!" The tall one said with a smirk, after he said that they continued thier search for me, going far, far away. After ten minutes of catching my breath, and hugging myself and telling me it was ok, that I was fine, I hear a voice I knew I could trust.

"Elainy? Where are you? Come on out El!" He yells, trying to get me out.
I peeped through the hole and saw him.
"Tyler!" I come out of the hole as soon as I saw him and I immediately ran to him.
"El!" He dropped his bag and my homework, while my bag dropped from my shoulders. He opened his arms, telling me I was safe now.
I gladly took the hug. His hugs were always warm and safe.

He gave me a warm smile and picked up both his things and my things.
"It's ok Tyler, I can carry my own bag." I gave him a smile.
"Nah it's fine, you must be so tired after running for so long." He said.
"Thanks." I smiled.
"Hey wanna go in the hole and check it out?" He asked, curiosity written across his face.
"Umm Tyler, I don't know, I mean it could be dangerous."

And with that sentence, we found this place.


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