(Ch-4) The "Obstacles"

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I tried speed walking out of the living room so I wouldn't incounter with my brother's, little did I know that my shoelaces were untied. I landed chest first, tripping on my own feet.

"Shit" I groaned in pain.
My brother's were watching something on TV, which I was too busy to notice. Lucas Sat in the middle with the both of his legs on the coffee table, Blake on his right, his right leg crossed over his left. Both of Ryan's feet were on the supporter of the sofa, while his back leaned on Lucas's left broad shoulder.
They all looked over thier shoulders to turn at me.
"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" Blake laughed, very loudly on purpose pointing at me.
Just then Ryan's flash of his phone went off. "Oh my lord! This is going to make an amazing picture! I'ma send it to the whole school!" He cackled.
Lucas bit his lips, trying not to laugh, but a few giggles came out.
I quickly got up and brushed my jacket.
"Ryan delete that photo!" I yelled, thumping my feet on the ground like a little girl.
"Or what?" Ryan and Blake looked at each other and back at me. "Awww, you're going to go cry to mama,aren't you? Boo-hoo" he pouted.
"RYAN. DELETE. THAT. FLIPPING. PHOTO. NOW." I said through gritted teeth.
"Then catch me" he said with a devious smirk plastered on his face.
"Ryan I don't have time for games!"
"Opps..." He clicked send. He jumped over to couch and started running towards the kitchen.
"RYAN YOU IMBECILE, YOU'RE FRICKEN DEAD!" I screamed as I chased after him. Lucas and Ryan looked at each other before exchanging troublesome smirk, both of them started chasing us.

He headed into the kitchen and I followed him. Chasing him to be exact. And Lucas and Blake still behind us. Mum and dad were finished with dinner cause I saw thier plates in the kitchen sink. I ran into the kitchen only to be greeted with a flying oven mitt hitting me on my face.

"OOOOOOOOO, prefect shot!" Ryan exclaimed, cupping his mouth, leaning against the kitchen island.
The anger inside me boiled even more.
"Ryan you are dead meat, delete that photo!" I yelled.
He just chuckled "Yeah, you wish!" He teased.
Lucas and Blake were leaning in the doorway, just watching.
I started running towards Ryan, when he noticed, he jumped over the counter and headed for the dining room.
"Ughh" I groaned in frustration.
I heard someone giggle, only to glare at Blake, he immediately broke eye contact and looked at Lucas.
"D-Did y-you j-just gi-giggle?" Blake turned towards Lucas trying to contain his laughs.
Lucas giggled and shrugged.
"Where is that idiot?" I said seriously, glaring at the both of them.
Both of them stopped laughing and pointed at the dinning room in fear. I know they weren't actually scared but- oh well.
I ran into the dining room to see Ryan munching on a apple on his phone, his back facing me.

I took this opportunity and tip-toed slowly over to him without making even the slightest peep. Ryan and Lucas watched from the door with wide grins on thier faces. I put my finger on my lips, indicating them to be quiet and they nooded, well just Lucas, Blake was took busy enjoying the moment to realize. I poked him and a line of shiver went down his spine. He turned back to look at me, his face full of surprise.

"Boo" I said with a devious smirk on my face.
Ryan's lips parted as I tried grabbing the phone from him, tackling him to the ground.
"Gi-give it t-to me!" I said, trying to get the phone out of his grip.
"Try" he said, a confident smirk on his face.
"Here's my little sister fighting with my triplet brother!" Blake said, recording on his phone.
"Blake now is not the flipping time!" I exclaimed, still on top of him.
"Lucas even you?!" I exclaimed, as I saw him taking pictures.
"I'm sorry, but this is gon' be hell'a good!" He said biting his lips.
Ryan just let out a laugh.
I finally got the phone out of his grip and jumped off of him. I went and sat on the table, leaving him breathless on the ground.
Ryan is way much stronger than me. He could've out run me easily and instead of me tackling him, he could've tackled me. He could've thrown me off of him in a second, but he didn't.

I quickly went through his phone which was unlocked at the time.
"RYAN YOU BASTARD!" I exclaimed, looking right into his eyes.
He lifted his head up to look at me, and put his head back down, laughing uncontrollably.
"You didn't even send that photo?! Why the hell was I chasing you?!"
"For fun, I was bored and I had nothing to do" he shrugged, finally sitting up and picking his finger nails.
"Ughhh" I groaned.
He smirked not taking his eyes off his finger nails.
I threw his phone to him, which he caught. I looked over at the time on my phone and it was already 8:17.
I left the dining room living the three of them over there. I grabbed my bag swinging it across my shoulders.
"Where are you going?" Ryan called out.
"Out." I simply said.
"Out where?" Lucas said coming up behind me, soon followed by Blake and Ryan.
Lucas tightly put one of his hands on my shoulder, stopping me. "Where?" He said seriously.
"I don't have time for this!" I said, trying to get out of his grip, instead he made it tighter.
I winced in pain. "O-ouch, Ok fine! I'm going out with Tyler!".
His grip got looser, but he didn't let go.
"You can't go" Blake said firmly.
I scoffed "And may I ask why is that?" I forcefully took Lucas's grip off of me.
"Its way too late, and plus, you have school tomorrow."
"A, it's 8:23 and B, I'm not going." I crossed my arms over my chest.
"You're not going, Ok?" Ryan steps in.
"Since when do the 3 of you care about me, go to those sluts house and stay there ok?" I furrowed my brows and turned around leaving them speechless, just as I was about to reach the door I turned around once more "And stay out, I know I don't mean anything to you."
I heard them calling after me, but I ignored them.

I slammed the door shut, causing a huge 'bang' to come out. I walked a bit until I couldn't see my house that clearly anymore and set my skateboard down, putting my phone in my pocket, my bag dangling from one of my shoulders, I rode to the place where me and Tyler always skateboard. The abandoned skate park.

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