(Ch-15) The Deal

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"I'm tired!" I said as I panted and fell on my butt, I stayed in the position and I lied on the ground.
"It's only four in the morning!" Lucas said like it is the most obvious thing in the world.
"Lucas," I shot up but I was still on the floor "how would you feel if you had three brothers directly sent from hell and was gifted by Satan himself, were torturing you for four hours straight?!"
He rolled his eyes and grabbed my legs while Ryan grabbed my hands, they both shared troublesome looks as they lifted me off the ground.
"Put me down!" I started kicking them and tried to get them to put me down.
They were taking me to the pool.
"Ahhhh shit! Blake! Help me!" I looked at him pleadingly, hoping he would help after I helped his with algebra. He grinned evily at me and shook his head.
"Ahh put me down!" I yelled.
"Your wish is our command." Ryan smirked.
Before I knew it, I was being thrown in a pool.
"Its so cold!" I shrieked as I immediately came up.
And Ryan's phone flash went off.
"Perfect photo!" He said as he scrolled through the photo and Blake and Lucas were beside him, taking pride in what they had done.
I came up and sat at the edge of the pool and I was shivering and my back was facing them.
"Hold on! I'm going inside for a few minutes, Lucas come with me." Blake said as he went inside and Lucas followed him.
Suddenly a blanket was wrapped around me and when I turned around I saw it was Ryan, he came and sat beside me, not making eye contact. "Don't expect me to be this nice, all the time" He tried to hide a smile, I could tell. I smiled at his gesture.
"Ryan?" I asked, looking at my legs that were floating in the pool.
"Hm?" He hummed in response.
"Why do you and the guys hate me so much?" I asked.
There was silence for a few minutes before he spoke and I didn't urge him.
"I don't hate you... Per se. And Lucas doesn't hate you either. It's more like a very strong dislike, you know. It's fun to mess with you." He still refused to make eye contact.
"Thats 'hate' in a nicer way." I pointed out.
He stayed quiet. "And what about Blake?" I sighed. Already regretting why I asked all these questions in the first place.
"Oh he's a whole other story." He sighed.
"Tell me." I urged.
"I honestly don't know." He shrugged.
"Did I do something?" I asked, now looking up at him for some clues.
"I dunno, ask him." He said.
Suddenly a ball hit the back of my head, so hard that I fell in the pool again.
Ryan looked surprised as he turned back. I came up to the surface to be greeted with a laughing Lucas and and a recording Blake.
"Fu*k this shit." I muttered under my breath.
I got up and and lied down on the ground. I had no energy to fight back. Soon enough Ryan joined in too with the guys.

These guys are so confusing. One minute they're nice and the next they're demons.

I closed my eyes for a brief minute.
"Bro, is she dead?" Lucas whispered, loud enough for me to hear.
I opened a bit of my eyes to see the guys. "She can't die!" Blake looked at my lying body in disgust. "We'd have to attend her funeral and cry for her or else we'd look like phycopaths, and to all that pity shit. And no football season."
"Oh Elainy" Ryan said mockingly as he fake cried. "She was the best sister ever! And we-we l-loved her!" He laughed really loudly and Blake and Lucas joined in too.
I sat up. "First of all," I wiped my face with my hands "I'm not fu*king dead! And second," I turned to look at them. "I'm your only sister." I looked at them in pur disgust and hatred.

I got up and went in the house muttering profanities under my breath.

I was walking up the stairs and I decided to go to my parent's room. I knocked on the door and went inside and closed the door behind me. My mum was under the covers in her lavender night gown reading a book with her glasses on and her hair reaching down her chest like a beutiful water fountain. Her room was dimmed with lights.

Mum doesn't sleep until dad gets home, it's a habit of hers. No matter how late he is, or how tired she is, she'll always be waiting.

"Mum?" I croaked feeling very cold.

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