(Ch-10) Alabama?

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Elainy's P.O.V

'Just because she's our sister, doesn't mean we have to love her'. I heard those words, coming out of Blake. And Ryan nodding his head, and Lucas in deep thoughts.

I was so mad at Tyler for lying to me saying, 'Your brothers may not show it, but they love you a lot.' He knows how my brother's are.

No they fu*king don't, Tyler.

I can't even blame him for this, he was just trying to calm me down, after my panic attack. I mentally sighed.

I ran out of the building and to the alley in between the middle and high school building. No one usually comes here, usually when I'm feeling down without Tyler, I skip class and come here.

I ran to the end where there was a huge rock, like those mountain rocks where it's so big, you can practically sleep. I put my knees upto my chest and burrow my head in and start crying because of what he said, I was hurt physically, but I was damaged mentally...

"Are you ok?" I sweet voice stood before me and asked.
I lifted my heavy head and looked at her with my puffy red eyes and runny nose.
"Oh mon Dieu!(Oh my God!) Elainy what happened?!" Olivia asked, concern clear in her eyes and voice.
"Vous pouvez parler Français? (You can speak French?)." I asked, while she wiped my tears out of my face.
"Ce n'est pas important, maintenant ce qui est important c'est que si tu vas bien. (That is not important, now what is important is if you're ok)" She said sternly.

I tried covering my face with my hands nonchalantly.
"Elainy remove your hand from your face, lemme see it."
I was too tired to argue so I did as she said.
"Dios mios (Oh my God)!" She gasped covering her mouth with the palm of her hand.
Dang, how many languages do you speak, I thought.

"Wait a minute." She said as she turned and grabbed her light pink 'Justice' bag with a cute, little pom-pom hanging down from her zipper. She gently placed
her bag on her lap and rummaged through it looking for something.

"There you are!" She whispered to herself even though I heard it. She took out a white pox labeled 'Emergency' written in red with a cross and a circle around it.
She opened the box, holding the lid with one hand and the other one looking for something.
"Hm, not this," She kept saying as she took things out. First a mini pair of scissors, then deodorant, girl stuff, and bandages. Basically everything you'd need to survive in the woods for 3 months.
"Here you are!" She said to a brown pouch.
"What is that?" I asked, I hadn't stopped crying but I was silently watching her.
"Alcohol." She shrugged.
"What? I don't drink, and neither should you." I sniffed. She playfully rolled her eyes and replied, "Chill, It's medical alcohol and plus, my parents would never let me drink." She quickly glanced up at me as she closed her kit and put it back in her bag. She placed her bag down to her side. After she did, she carefully opened the pouch and I strong odor came out.
"Ugh," I groaned, as I pinched my noise, and immediately regretted doing that. "Ow my nose hurts, and what is that odor?" I pointed to the pouch.
"Of course it'll hurt, you got beat up pretty badly. This is going to help you feel better." She said, taking a fresh cotton out and dipping it in the pouch
"Yeah- wait, how do you know I got beat up?" I asked, feeling the back of my eyes sting with the memory.
She sighed and looked up at me. "It's all over school."
"Of course it is!" I groaned.
She brought the cotten up to my face and carefully soothed my forehead.
I immediately flinched back. "Ow, it hurts!" My voice cracked.
"Yeah, I know it does, but it'll make you feel better," She said as she brought it up to my head again, yet again, I flinched back. She sighed, "Here, you can squeeze my hand." She gave my her right hand and gently smiled.
I smiled back and held her hand, she continued to run alcohol in the places I got hurt. I kept on squeezing her hand whenever it stung. "Are you left handed?" I asked as she was throwing away the cotten.
"Mh-hm." She nodded.
"Is there any other place they hurt you?" She asked, sympathy in her eyes.
I shook my head. I was lying to her, I got hurt pretty badly in the ribs.
"You sure?" She asked
I nodded.
"Oh Elainy," She walked over to me and gave me a hug, I was surprised at her gesture, usually people don't hug me, but I hugged her back. She squeezed me and I winced in pain. I'm glad she didn't hear it.
She pulled away and we both sat on the rock next to eachother. And silence followed.
"Why do you have a emergency kit with you?" I asked, breaking the silence between us.
"My parents are doctors, they tell me to always take it with me just incase." She sighed."They want me to be a doctor too."
Here expression went for on worry to sadness.
"And what's wrong with that, do you not want to be a doctor?" I asked, now I had stopped crying.
She sighed and shook her head, "I mean, being a doctor is cool and all. But it's just not my type, you know?".
"You get straight A's, you're a good student, you're healthy, how is that not your type?" I asked
"You're a straight A student too." She said.
"Well what do you want to be then?" I asked looking at my feet.
"A business women." She smiled to herself.
"Thats nice." I glanced at her and gave her a slight smile.
"Yeah." She replied.
"I saw your boyfriend saving you, it was sweet of him."
"My what?!" I choked on my breath.
"Your boyfriend? The cute curly head who was comforting you and the other one fighting for you?" She looked at me.
"Those were my brothers!" I exclaimed.
"Oh, um Alabama?" She pointed at me.
"Oh no! California and English!" I pointed towards myself.
"You're English?" She looked at me up and down."You don't look and sound like it?" She said, obviously surprised.
"Thats what happens when you live in the States for too long," I shrugged."My mum is British."
"Oh, that makes so much more sense!" She smiled.
"You're British, right?"
She nodded.
Then we feel into a comfortable silence.
"Hey," She looked at me."Why don't we get to know eachother a little better, how does that sound?" She grinned, her curly pony tail swinging in different directions.
"That does sound good." I smiled.
"There's a carnival and a fair downtown tomorrow after school. If you'd like, we could go together." She smiled at me.

I could barely walk with all my injuries, but I wanted to get to know her and if I said no she would suspect.

"I'd love to." I smiled.
"I have got to go, I'm sorry I have Physics. How about we exchange numbers? So you know, we can keep in touch?" She started to stand up and she wore her bag.
"Oh um," nobody usually wants to hang out with me, let alone talk to me. "Sure." I smiled.
She grinned. "Here's my number," She took my phone and typed in her number and handed back to me. "Give me yours." She glanced at me.
I told her my number as she typed it on her phone.
"Alrighty! I got your number, and I'll see you tomorrow! I'll text you!" She gave me a warm smile and started to walk away.

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