(Ch-14) Sneaky Mouse

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"And I'm your sister." I said softly.
He looked hurt for a second but quickly shrugged it off with a smirk and hit the top of my head.
"You're so stupid Saphrano." He chuckled and walked out of my room.
"We have the same last name idiot!" I yelled, but a smile still on my face.
I realized I haven't said a thank you.
"Blake?" I yelled across the hallways.
"Hm?" A reply came from the other end of the hallway.
I went to his room and knocked on his door.
"Come in." He said bluntly, I went in and saw him, studying. Maths.
I couldn't believe my eyes. It was usually me studying, yet there he was, sitting on his desk, his back facing me, a pencil in between his lips and his eyebrows furrowed like he was actually concentrating.
I went and stood beside him, he didn't take his eyes off his book. "What?" He asked coldly. There we go, the Blake we know is back.
I bought the palm of my head up to his forehead and he flinched, not expecting the action of course.
"What're you doing?" I asked, still not believing.
"Are you blind?" He spat.
"You're studying?" I said, confused.
"And you're about this close," he pinched his thumb and index fingers, leaving a bit gap between them "to getting buried alive."

I stood there for about two minutes until he spoke up. "Can you leave, I'm trying to concentrate." He spat.
I let out a laugh I've been holding in for way too long.
"Blake Grant Saphrano is actually studying?!" I said in between my laughs.
"Fu*k you Marie." He cocked up one eyebrow and smirked.
I rolled my eyes at him and was about to leave until he grabbed my arm. "Wait!"
"What?" I sneered.
"Help me study for this test."
I snatched my arm out of his grip and crossed my arms across my chest. "And why should I?" I raised up and eyebrow.
"Cause you're my s-sister." He cringed at the word and I could tell it was extremely hard for him to say.
Honestly, I was hurt. Beyond hurt.
"No." I spat.
"Look," he stood up, now completely towering over me "if you don't. You won't live to see another fu*king daylight." He sneered.
I raised my hands in front of my chest in surrender. "Pfttttt, like you scare me. I've lived with your stupid arrogant a*s for almost 15 years."
"Yeah and let me tell you it was the worst 15 years of my life." He mumbled.

I felt the back of my eyes sting.

"You know what? Go fu*k yourself!" With that I went out and slammed the door.

I went back to my room, that was mean. Fifteen minutes ago I was laughing with him and thirty seconds ago he indirectly says he wishes I was never born. Bipolar  much?

I heard yelling from downstairs so I pressed my ear against my door and tried to make out what and who were talking.
"Blake apologize now!" Mom yelled.
"Mom!" Blake groaned.
"I don't care! You better get good percentage on that Algebra test or you're not playing this football season. Do you understand young man?"

I heard some shuffling across the hallways until my door flew open, sending me to the floor almost getting a concussion. Maybe not that dramatic.
"Ow." I mumbled to myself as I held my head in my palms.
I looked up to see Blake. He was chuckling.
"I'm sorry." He said, with a bored expression. "Now can you help me with studying."
Suddenly the light bulb in my head went on.
"Alright." I stood up and crossed my arms across my chest and smirked. I saw his face light up. "Under one condition." My smirk grew wider and he shot glares at me. "Fine, what?" He said through gritted teeth. "You have to help me practice for try-outs next week."
He rolled his eyes. "Yeah, like I'm going to do that."
"Have fun failing that math test!" I grinned and waved at him.
"You little bi-"
"Mum?" I yelled. Not taking my gaze off of Blake.
"Yeah honey?" She yelled back.
I smirked real big. "Mum can come up any second and see her son bullying her daughter." I placed the palm of my hand over my mouth. "Oh no! Blake! No more football season for you!" I shrieked in a feminine voice.
He clenched his jaw and fists making me grin wider. "Deal."
"Honey?" Mum called back.
"Everything's ok mum, I just wanted to make sure you were home."

With that Blake slammed my door and I chuckled, following him to his room.
"C'mon, let's start." I sighed.
"Look," he sat on his chair and faced me "I don't want to do this as much as you do. So let's cooperate, the sooner we get this done, the faster we can leave eachother alone, deal?"
I looked at him."Fine, deal."
"Why don't we go work on the kitchen counter." I slightly smiled.
"Ok." He said coldly
He took all of his things and followed me downstairs.
"Sit." I tolled him bluntly.
He put his things down and rolled his eyes. "I'm not your dog." He spat.
I walked to the counter so my back was facing him. "Tell that to Axel." I smirked.
He sighed. "Let's stop arguing and start."

He sat down in the high chair while I sat beside him.
"What do you need help with?" I asked, looking at his sheet of paper.
He pointed to a question, "this one."
I took a look at it. "Hm, this is easy."
He grumbled and looked at it.

"Ok so, take the x to the other side and make it a decimal according to the value of y, do you get it?" I asked, hoping he would, so we wouldn't have to start from the basics.
"I don't." He said, not facing me but the paper.
'This is going to be a long night.' My inside voice sighed and I couldn't agree more.


"El, it's 11 pm. We've been studying for three hours straight." He groaned as he put his face in the palm of his hands.
I sighed. "Ok, I guess you could take a break." I said as I stood and made my way to the pantry.
"A break?!" He exaggerated."Ellllllllll, I wanna sleepppppppp." He whined like a five year old, causing me to chuckle.
"Do you want to pass or not?" I slightly smiled at his childish behavior.
He looked at me with droopy eyes. "Huh?".
"I said, do you want to pass or not?" I asked as I looked trough the pantry for cheese-balls and some coke.
I took them and placed them on the counter, Blake looked at the objects then at me.
"You're the sneaky mouse?" Blake asked.
"I'm the what?" I asked, confused.
"Almost every night you go to the kitchen, and I can hear you, so can Ryan and Lucas. So we came up with the name 'Sneaky Mouse' for who ever it was."
'Thats a cute nickname, not going to lie' My inside voice 'awwed'.
I playfully rolled my eyes and sat next to him.
Blake sighed but was in the same position. "Don't eat those."
"Why?" I said as I went to open my bag of cheese balls but he snatched it.
"Rule number one, don't eat unhealthy food during practice, a tryout or a match." He also grabbed my coke.
"But we're not practicing now!" I groaned.
"Oh we are!" He smirked getting off the chair and tugged me along, suddenly he got energy and I got tired.
He tugged my arm and took me to our backyard.
"Blake its 11:15 at night. And you want me to practice?"
"Yeah, that's like the whole point." He smirked as he walked to the shed and got a basketball.
He walked over to me and handed the ball. "I want you to practice shooting and dribbling with your left hand."
"Why?" I looked up at him.
"Because you're shooting and dribbling is weak in your left hand." He sighed.
"How do you know?" I eyes him suspiciously.
"It's 11:30 in the night and yall are playing... WITHOUT ME?!" Lucas screamed as he walked over to us without a shirt.
I saw Blake sigh in relief.
"Eww, Lucas go put on a shirt." I sarcasticly gagged.
"You're just jealous that I have abs and you don't." He flipped his imaginary long Hair.
I rolled my eyes playfully. "Gee, someones full of themself."
"What's up?" Ryan came, running his hands through his hair and ruffling them.
"Look, I'm gonna go, I'm tired." I said as I almost made my way too my house until Blake took my hand and hand with a evil grin.
"You tortured me by making me study algebra for three hours straight. Now it's your turn." Blake's grin grew even wider and so did Lucas's and Ryan's.
"It was for your own good!" I groaned, snatching my ad out of his grip.
"This is also for your own good." He smirked.
"I hate you guys so darn much." I grumbled.
"We love you too!" Lucas laughed sarcastic.
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