(Ch-17) The Fair

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"We're walking there?" I asked, taking a glance at Olivia. It has been approximately five minutes since we've been walking and I'm bored already.
"Mh-hm!" She nodded.
"Well, I gotta say, you clean up nice!" I smiled.
"Thank you." She blushed slightly.

We walked in a awkward silence for a few minutes until she broke it.
"So uh, do you wanna listen to music?" She asked, taking out her phone and plugging in her earphones.
"Um sure, why not?" I shrugged.
"Ok, that's great." She handed me the left side of the earphone and she wore the right. I looked at it, wondering what to do. "Go on, wear it." She glanced at me.
"Ok." I wore it on my left ear. She unlocked her phone and opened Spotify, she browsed through her phone looking at her playlists while we kept walking. "So, what kinda music do you like?" She said, not looking up at me.
"Hm," I thought for a bit. "I guess, it depends really. One minute you like rock and the other, you like calm. But I personally prefer pop."
"Oh goody! Then you'll like these songs!" She said hitting the play button on her phone.

'Written on these walls are the stories that I can't explain.
I leave my heart open and it stays right here, empty for days.'

I recognize this voice from somewhere."Hey Olivia?" I asked, glancing at her. She was dancing to the song like her life depended in it.
"Hm?" She asked, still jamming out.
"Who is the artist?"
"One Direction!" She shrieked in happiness.
"Oh." Was all I could say.
"Why? Do you not like the song?" She finally looked at me.
I shrugged. "It sounds a bit boring.".
She glared at me and snatched the earpiece off my ear, causing me to wince in pain. "Piss off!" She pushed me harshly, but I could hear the playfulness behind her voice. After she did I almost fell on my face, on the hard sidewalk, I looked to her to see her chuckling.
"What was that for?" I crossed my arms.
"For not liking One Direction." She smirked back.
"Oh you wanna play it like that?" I smirked as I stood up and started cracking my knuckles. "You better start running." I twisted my legs.
"Oh Crap!" She shrieked with a smile on her face as she started running.
"You have a five second head start." I yelled as she continued to run. "Five, four, three, two and one!" I mumbled under my breath as I grinned. I stated chasing her. "Ahhhh!" She screamed making me chuckle.

She dodged a lady with a baby. The lady looked really mad, I slowed my pace but I didn't stop running. "I'm sorry about that, she's a bit crazy!" The lady scowled at me. I didn't care as I continued to run at top speed. I came to a corner where I stopped. "Where is that goofball?" I mumbled under my breath, looking around. Then I noticed we were right infront of school. I hid behind the corner of a wall which separates the school and the main road. I peeped my head out to look for Olivia. And there she was, panting. She had her back turned against me, so she didn't know I was there. I cackled under my breath as I tip-toed to her. When I was close enough, I lifted her off the ground by her by her waist and twirled her around, causing her to let out a shriek. I twirled her around until my arms got sour, but I didn't put her down. I noticed people starting to stare at us but I ignored it.
"Elainy we're in public! Put me down!" She fussed.
I smirked and started walking. "Make me." I simply replied with the smirk still on my face.
"Stop walking and put me down! We look like two mad people who escaped from an asylum!" She said, starting to try and losen my grip.

"Hm," I looked around, noticing seniors and adults were staring at us. "We do don't we?" I said but I didn't stop walking.
"Elainy! Put me down! We're about to cross the bloody road! It's not safe!" She shrieked.
"Shut up!" I chuckled, as I continued to head for the main road.
"Elainy! Put me down this instince!" She said, her accent popping out with each word.
"Apologize first." I stopped on my way, since we were very close to the crosswalk.
"For what!" She huphed as she crossed her arms across her chest.
I smirked. "For pushing me."
"Never!" She scoffed playfully.
"Alright then." I started walking closer to the crosswalk.
"Blimey! Stop!" She shrieked. I did as she said, because we were on the edge of the road.
"I'm giving you five seconds or I will cross the road with you still on me." I smirked.
"No!" She protested.
I shrugged. I waited for the light to turn green, signaling I can start walking. I ignored Olivia's constant protests about how there's a 85% chance of us stumbling over eachother and getting squashed under a car and die,which is mostly not likely to ever happen, maybe once a blue moon.
I counted down the numbers yet she didn't apologize, and so I did what I said. I crossed halfway through the road.
"Elainy! Ok, i'm sorry!" She shrieked.
"Good." I said and I dropped her in the middle of the road and I ran away.
"Elainy!" She yelled as she followed me

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