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There were many stages of grief and it seemed that I took it all to the extreme. I didn't just run from all of my problems. I blocked them, muted them and just refused to check social media or messages from my problem's friends. I also didn't run, I ran, drove, worked and then flew to another continent. Life was on the edge.

The clouds below me reminded me of him and the plane that I took to get to see him. It was completely different though. This time I was leaving him behind and that was an issue. I wanted to go back there and kiss him. With each day the pain both grew and also numbed. I remembered him more but it was less painful each time. Maybe it wasn't numbing and I was just lying to myself though.

I didn't remember my eyes closing but they did and I woke up with a jolt as the flight was coming to an end and I was nearly at home. My real home where I had my sisters and parents around me. A safe and loving place.

By the time I had landed I waited to see my family and I went red as soon as I saw them. I had tried to be accepting and take a joke well but I didn't have to try with that one. I loved it. Mia had a massive sign in hand.

Welcome back from rehab. Sometimes

it just takes a few years. We all love you.

I smiled and pushed the sign down as soon as I got to them. Hugs and kisses being sent as I got to them. No sign of my parents but they were busy. They had both warned me about that but they would be at the house when I was there.

"Guys, you can't be doing crap like that. People can't know." I spoke loudly and pretended to be genuinely embarrassed before we got to Aletheia's car.

"So, how are my babies?" I asked sweetly. The three younger ones were were all sat in the back as I was in the front with Aletheia.

"Good. We haven't had... Seen you in ages." Faith was one to easily forget and I had a feeling life was about to be fun for me.

"You were about to tease me about not being married and I know it. Don't worry, if I had stayed with Shayne I would never be married." I pretended that I wasn't too bothered but they were my sisters so they knew the truth.

"I am so tired. Ready to see mum and dad though so I am buzzed. Shall we listen to some of that good stuff that I like to call music?" They agreed with me before we finally made a stop off. The five of us in one place was dangerous and when we sat to eat I took a picture and posted it with a caption of

Always been the black sheep of the family.

It was up and the pictures showed us going from civil to laughing in five pictures. We were going to be a handful and I didn't have to answer to anyone. The drinks and toilet breaks would be a laugh and the hours of fun seemed to brighten the day even more.

By the time we were home I had blasted all of the songs I had been listening to recently and ended up clicking play on the charts. Home was there though and my parents were about to go from a quiet house to a loud home. And I wouldn't even knock when I entered.

"I am home." My things were carried between us and as soon as I walked into the tidy living room I felt my things drop and I rushed to hug them. I was about to spend so much time with people that I loved dearly even if it broke them.

"Hello Aphie." The nickname was one that only he had called me for so long that I missed it but there would be new, better memories tied to the name. I loved both of my parents.

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