Shayne's Back.

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My heart sunk lower and lower as the minutes of full on silence crept by. Nothing quite like a depressing evening to lighten the mood. It didn't last long as the front door opened and I saw a face that I had been so desperate to see.

"Tallulah. There you are." I smiled and hugged her but locked the door. Making sure my key was not only inside but hidden as well. No unwanted visitors for me.

Shayne's POV.

The car had music playing but it wasn't the type I was used to when Aphrodite was there. The radio was unusual as I hadn't listened to it in ages. Aphrodite normally picked the music. I had no way of getting her to do that but I stopped by at a shop and realised that it was close to her house so I stopped by for a visit. Clearly, I wasn't spacing myself enough but it was nearly Christmas and she was supposed to be spending it with me. I wanted to see what her plans were and no messages were even getting through.

I pulled up and went to check on the front door but I could see movement and there were two bodies in the house. Music was clearly playing and in a moment of luck I saw her smiling as I walked up to the front door. My knock must have been heard but I also heard her run up the steps. Perhaps she had seen me.

"Hey." She was a lot taller than Aphie and she was also blonde. A lot different but she could have been family. Not a sister, I had seen pictures of all of them. Carbon copies aside from Aphrodite.

"Hi. Sorry, I was expecting Aphrodite." The girl just puckered her lips when a voice could be heard up the steps.

"Send them away. Come on." The woman I had never met before stepped back and I could see that it was Aphrodite for sure. Her hair was curly as ever and glasses seemed to be lost. As soon as she spotted me I saw something change in her eyes but I had no clue what it was.

"Hey Aphrodite. I just wanted to chat." Nothing was said but she stepped down one step and I could see her properly. It looked like she was wearing a bandana as a top and some small, black booty shorts and I wasn't used to seeing her like that. She had never worn it with me around.

"Tallulah. Just close it." She didn't look in my eyes as she turned and walked back up. It may have been to turn me away but she didn't shout at me and she did seem civil. One step in the right direction. Just a step that was a little smaller than I had hoped it to be.

Aphrodite's POV.

The door had barely closed when I heard her run up to the room with me and we began the process of the outfit. It wasn't a fancy occasion and I knew what I was going to wear but I fancied a night with her. It seemed impossible for us to get the same night off but it had been done.

"Why has Dr Williams taken a liking to you?" I just shrugged and sipped on my drink.

"When I first met him he said that his wife would like me. So far, I haven't met her and it has been ages so I assume he just had a free night and so did I. His wife sounds chill." She sipped at her own drink and then watched as I picked out what I was going to wear.

"What are you going to do about your hair?" I had to really look in the mirror as I imagined my clothes on me and I met her eyes in the reflection.

"The same thing that any girl with curly hair does. I am going to leave it be and not even attempt to anger the beast. Mum once brushed it, I fought her on it, when it was done we laughed for days. Mainly because it lasted for days." Her smile was pretty and I liked the sound of her laugh. It was innocent.

My phone began to ring and I saw that it was Keith so I slowly answered it as I was undressing. Luckily my blinds were closed.

"Hey Aphrodite. We are filming another question round and someone asked if you have ever had an experience with the same gender." I laughed at how absurd it all was.

"Uh. I once had a friend who came out to her parents but they weren't accepting. We ended up partying. I had no clue about the deal with her parents and never thought about her sexuality. Anyway, the only way I could get her into the car to get her home after was if she did it because I had hurt my arm and she was stronger than me. The deal was that I had to let her kiss me so I let her but to be honest it just proved that I didn't like the same gender. Or her, in a sexual way." The team seemed pretty surprised and I just felt nothing for it. I knew Shayne wasn't there so it was just a casual thing.

"Someone else asked if you would be coming back to Smosh anytime soon." I felt bad but I couldn't lie. That would make me worse than Shayne.

"No. I am spending the festive season away from home and I have to, ugh, sorry. I am trying to get a top on but I can't get the zip down to put it on. Anyway, I have to work." They seemed to accept it but there was no reason why they wouldn't. It was just the truth.

"Thanks. See you later." Keith spoke in a playful tone and I couldn't stop the joy that bubbled below the surface. He was so happy.

"Goodbye Keith." I hung up and finished getting dressed. The zip went up well enough. I hoped it would undo easily as well.

"Aphrodite. That dude is back." I walked back into the bedroom and looked through the blind while slipping white socks on. He had a box in hand but it was just left on the bottom step.

"It's probably my stuff. I should thank him for it." I just wanted an excuse to talk to him. Any at all but I also knew it was stupid.

I ran down the steps and opened the door, just as he was getting into his car. His face showed a smile but it was clear that he had been upset. My hand and then head fell behind the door as I grabbed a pack of tissues and the few tops he left behind, before then slipping some shoes on. Socks and flip flops. Great choices there.

"Your things." He muttered and I nodded before then handing him the few things of his. I even returned the hoodies and his toothbrush. I made sure he saw the tissues and then I hugged him goodbye. He was a sweet man but he deserved to be with someone that actually made him happy to be with them. Not me.

My walk back in was casual as I slipped the shoes off and closed the door. Not looking back at him. I did forget the box though so I had to open the door and grab it. When I saw the ring and his Christmas present to me on top I ran to the car and he was so quick to open the window I felt bad. With out even thinking I placed them into his lap and waved him off as he left the drive.

After a few minutes he was gone and I was then slipping on some red and white trainers. They looked pretty and I liked them.

"Who is or was he then?" The voice scare me and I bit the inside of my lip as the lipstick would stick to my teeth.

"Shayne. We used to be friends." She wasn't so sure and I could see why.

"Looked like more to me." I nodded and she helped undo one shoe while she sat on the floor before me.

"It was more but he wouldn't admit to it. Even when I wore the ring." Her eyes went wide and I nodded as she looks at me for a long while.

"You look fabulous and he is regretting it I am sure of it." That was what I was afraid of. Him being in as much pain as I was in.

Still my figure looked back at me. Deep red trousers with a bow at the waistband. They were formfitting and the white lace top was long sleeved with lovely edges. My lips matched my trousers and the smokey eye Tallulah had to do for me also matched. I didn't know how long I could go without Shayne but I had taken a large step.

"Off you go. I will sleep on the couch until you are back. I want to hear all the details and you are all I want to hear about. Also, forget him. You left him for a reason and I trust your judgement more than any other person in the whole world." I wish I had that same confidence but I went with it and smiled, she shared a tight hug with me before I walked out with my keys in hand.

The evening was lovely but the second I was left to think alone a certain man crept in. Williams and his wife were lovely and I was engaging with anything I could. Their kids were lovely and polite. Far better than any of me or my sisters were. We turned out to be all right though.

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