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Beeping and shuffling filled my ears as people walked on by. Cries and groaning told people of the lively nature that few held. Patients walked by as tubes connected them to their only way of living. It wasn't beautiful as the white walls and lack of any windows seemed to suffocate the whole place, the low ceilings didn't help either.

"There is a new patient that just came into A&E. Can you go grab him?" I was pulled from my reverie of the equipment as a man spoke and I agreed to carry on through.

"Max, a name?" He blinked and then smiled before looking guilty and quickly checking the computer as I rolled my eyes jokingly.

"Keith Leak. He is American but his insurance will cover everything. Here for work." I nod and stick my hand out as the printed sheet and clipboard are then handed to me and I smile. Finally, my job could be done properly.

The corridor was quickly walked through and there was a door before me. As soon as the door was open though three people caught my eye. One had brown hair that was dyed blue at the tip, he was white and a smiley man. Another was blonde and toned while the last one had dark skin and a bubbly personality as he laughed but pain could be seen. I just hoped I wouldn't have to face the blonde one as my guard may just slip.

"Keith Leak?" Instantly the bubbly one stood to his full height and the other two followed. It appeared that I was a lot shorter than all of them but as just plastered on a smile and let them follow me as I then guided them onto the floor.

"Hello you three. I am your nurse for the night. It tells me here that you have sustained a head injury while, sorry this doesn't sound right 'my mate Shayne was being too rough while we played throw the donkey. A game where we were laying on a blow up thing and another person would jump on it and send us flying.' but the looks on your faces tell me it is right. Now, where does it hurt and what hit the floor first?" I asked politely as the other two boys gave a laugh and Keith tried to stop them but ended up laughing as well.

"Yeah. Uh, my arm did but my head followed quickly. It was onto a mat but my head hurts bad and my eyes are a little blurry since." I nodded and shone a light into his eyes before ticking something off.

"Well Mr Leak. Your pupils are dilating. I can give you a little something for now but no driving for 24 hours. It also mentions that you are here with work but I am afraid that you can't fly for 24 anyway. Even without the medication. The change in atmosphere can put too much pressure on you. I would check out what you do, no more 'throw the donkey' or being 'too rough' with Mr Shayne. Other than what I give you I would suggest that simply taking over the counter tablets. Paracetamol would be ideal just, and only just because I don't like suggesting ibuprofen or aspirin. Mainly because they increase the risk of you bleeding and I shouldn't suggest them when you have a head injury. If you don't have paracetamol I can tell you where you can get them. No more than two every four to six hours and no more than four of these doses a day. If you forget I can write it or ask at a pharmacy because they will know all of this. If you don't want to just take my word I can get a second opinion for you but we only have f1 doctors today as the rest are at a meeting, on this floor or you can wait two hours for the rounds of the f2 doctors and I should tell you I have more experience than the f1 doctors. Been a trained nurse for 4 years." They took it all in but Mr Leak looked a little worse for wear.

"Nurse, can I ask you something?" I nod and wait.
"Is your hair ginger?" I laugh and hear a loud laugh from the blonde who is loving it. The seriousness of his tone isn't missed as he was really concerned as he spoke but clearly the head pain was a little worse than expected.

"Are you struggling to see?" I asked quizzically but he shakes his head smoothly before smiling up at me.

"No, it just looks like you dye it." I laughed and rolled my eyes dramatically before writing something down on the paper.

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