Working 'Round the Clock.

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Scrubs filled my field of view as I ran into a room full of panic and I had to help. The mother stood and was shouting the place down so I walked on in until she was in holding distance and all that I could do was plaster a smile on.

"Please. Ms Tole, come with me." She was unsure but did so and I got her to stand with me and I gestured for her to sit, after a few attempts she did so and I could take a deep breath in.

"My baby." She cried and hugged me. I pulled her up close and let her bring it all out as she struggled with the pain of knowing that it hurt. It really hurt her to be there. To see her daughter that she had always cared for be in a state where she couldn't help.

"Would you like a drink?" She nodded against me but as she pulled back I watched her stand. She was quite a pretty woman when her face was visible.

"I will get it thank you." I nodded and when I tried to follow her she waved me off. I could hear shuffling but as I went to look crying was heard behind me and I stood up.

"Hello. I am nurse Aphrodite. How can I help you and your health today?" She smiled slightly but it was out of pity so I walked up to her and took over pushing the wheelchair. As I looked up I saw that it was a few of the Smosh crew so I just smiled and took her into the room that she pointed out.

"I'm Sarah." She told me and I helped her onto the bed. It was long stay patients so she would be in a room alone.

"Well Sarah, how can I help you?" She sniffed and a deep breath was taken.

"I miss my parents. I just want my mom to play with my hair and dad to hug me." I couldn't be them but I could help.

"Well, I happen to be free so I could plait your hair." She may have been on the adult ward but clearly she just wanted her family. That did something to people and I saw that daily.

"Yes please." Her crying died out as I did that and it was nice. To both avoid the Smosh team and so be in a room with a lovely patient.

"How did you learn to plait?" I had fond memories of my family and would never forget them.

"I have four sisters. Three younger and both of my parents would leave for work early. It was my older sister's job to do lunches and I had to make sure they were dressed, hair and all. I would do ten plaits a day. Even on holidays. Two plaits per girl." She laughed at me and the minutes passed.

"Well, this room is all yours. Why not put pictures up and play music? Make it yours, just nothing that we can't get rid of without leaving a mark." She took my words and nodded as I left and we both smiled for a moment before I headed down the hall to another patient. Anthony.

"Mr. Padilla. Has the doctor been to see you?" He looked into my eyes and nodded before I then got to flip through.

"He said that it was fine." I nodded but as I went to speak someone walked in and called my name.

"Sorry Aphrodite but you are needed on major. We can get Leanne to cover here. She trained more on minor is all." I nodded and looked. It had to be the Smosh squad in the room as well so I just smiled at them.

"I will finish up in here." Tim nodded and left me to do my job.
"Mr. Padilla, the results look good but you will need to be monitored for a while longer. It was a mean one. No car accident is nice I suppose. You have lots of friends here I see so you should be fine. If you need to pee call a nurse. As you just heard I need to go to another floor so it won't be me but tell them that sleep is what I recommend. Goodbye." I placed the chart down after noting the time and then as I went to leave Courtney spoke up.

"Shayne seems upset and you haven't even been spoken about once. He actually avoids it. I also see that you aren't wearing your ring. Is everything okay with you two?" I nodded and wanted to cry again. I was stupid to think a week was long enough.

"We had a disagreement and I am no longer in a relationship with my Fiancé. Now, this is the minor floor so it is rather empty but the major is a lot worse off and they have no head nurse so I need to go. Bye you lot. Best wishes for your future." I got out and set off to the new floor.

"Where is the nurse?" A doctor angrily shouted and I walked right up to him. He seemed to be expecting something.

"Aphrodite. How can 'the nurse' be of service?" He was suddenly snapped into his best shoes as he then looked at the charts and showed them to me and I was off. I knew my job and people at my job knew me.

One moment I was plaiting a girl's hair and then in ten minutes I was stitching up an awful wound and giving another person CPR within seconds of being there. In major there wasn't the same amount of time to get close and personal with patients but there was always time for a smile.

"Aphrodite." I looked across and there were beds in and out. Some to be on more peaceful wards while others were off for surgery. Something had happened. An accident or similar because it was always more hectic than the other floors but not as bad as it was at that moment.

"Michael, what haven't you told me? This is too busy for a casual Tuesday night." He nodded and agreed with me.

"Massive crash and the major overflow is being used as filming for something else. Some TV show. Trust me, I hated it too but it is out of my hands" I nodded and then bit my lip before going behind another curtain and smiling widely even when it was bad. Blood and the sorts. Just part of the job. That was what I had been trained for but it was something I didn't like to deal with.

They were dealt with eventually and when I had delegated the training nurses out in pairs they had it under control. I actually had time to go over and do a check on what the others were up to. Nurses had been observed and their treatment checked. One man in particular stood out as he was quick but he was thorough.

"Nice work in there." I complemented and he was so pleased with himself and I could understand why. It wasn't a job that many people praised but it was one that deserved the the most praise. Especially when training.

The ward died down into quiet and it was dealt with in an acceptable fashion. I looked out and watched student nurses and doctors speak, feeling tired but also exhausted. I could remember doing the exact same thing. Feeling done with the day and then a new trial would stump you but in time it was dealt with and a real sense of accomplishment would wash all over.

"Dr Williams. Nice to see you." I commented as he rushed on the scene. The doctor in charge was good and we worked well together. Combining that with trusted training staff. The issue was dealt with in under an hour.

"I was told there had been a mad rush. That there had been a big accident. I came as soon as I could but I had to see a patient through something." He looked a little ticked off as he looked at the nurse that had collected him.

"There was. We literally just finished dealing with it. Micheal and I have it under control." He was actually surprised before a kind look was given to the world again.

"How many were lost?" I looked around and felt unsure but nodded.

"Can't think of any. Some are under the knife as we speak. Most were small stitches so we handled them. These trainees are good." Williams nodded and I felt my watch buzz. Shayne must have been told about me as he began to call. Something he gave up on after a couple hours and I never listened to any of his voicemails. Muted his texts and judging by the words of Courtney and the reaction of those in the room I assumed that he still hasn't told them. I felt bad that he had no-one to turn to but he had done it to himself.

"Aphrodite." I snapped out of my reverie and saw that Williams looked concerned so I looked him in the eyes.

"Your shift ends in half an hour and this is under control. Go and deal with the thing that was about to make you cry. Patients shouldn't be seeing you upset and I don't like seeing it either." I smiled gratefully.

"With all due respect I would prefer to work. I figure running from my problems is better than dealing with them." He laughed at me and agreed before then waving for me to get on with my work and I was glad that he accepted it. It was only half an hour after all though.

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