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Traffic was minimal but it was enough to set me back long enough to cause concern. My phone was ringing and it caused the music to stop so I was quick to answer. It was Courtney.

"Hey. I was just wondering how far away you were. We don't want to start without you is all but we need to soon." I checked the GPs and sighed out and felt frustrated.

"There has been an accident so I am ages away so just start. I will be a while but I know my way to the hall." My hair was getting unmanageable but it was unimportant as I didn't care and that was just how it was going to work.

"Okay. The crew will begin. We might need to call if we get stuck, or bored." I laughed before agreeing and then we said our goodbyes. I hadn't met all the gaming crew and I had only met Rhett and Link from that crew but I was about to meet them all and I was going to help them. It wasn't an issue but nerves bubbled up and filled me to the brim. It was going to happen eventually though.

After an hour delay of traffic I arrived at the doors and walked on in. There was loud talking and also laughing as cameras could be seen. Clearly it would be on view but I ignored them and tried to find one of the familiar faces. Shayne was who I wanted to see most but he was away with the fairies seemingly as I checked most places. Olivia found me first and she pulled me into the main hall. New faces attacked my view but I had met thousands of people in my line of work.

"Hey. Yeah, here to help. What can I do?" That was when the Mythical pair walked in and they began to direct some lost souls until I was spotted.

"Hey, Shayne is out right now with Wes but if you could hang the banner up and he should be back in a moment." I nod and look at where they pointed and I get to the steps. It was going to rest at the front of the stage and it wasn't really a sign, just fake snow that looked like it could be falling.

"Hey, Aphrodite right?" I looked up and a man with gingery blonde hair was seen and I looked at him with wide eyes before wiping my hands down my black and white striped trousers leaving white, fake snow to mark.

"Yeah. You are..?" He let out a breathy laugh and then shook my hand.

"Lasercorn." It was unusual but I could deal with that. Mainly because he looked unhinged and kind at the same time.

"Nice to meet you. I assume you work with the game team. Shayne has mentioned you before." He was a kind man after all as we spoke and got alone well enough. Both of us laughed and his baby was the cutest thing. Mainly because I didn't have to deal with the fallout of his trouble.

"Aphie." Was called across the hall but as I looked up I was jumped by someone. I recognised the scent but it wasn't Shayne. It was Damien and I hugged back quickly.

"Yo, dude, yo." He was pretending to be hyped but I ended up pulling myself out of his hold and having to straighten up my glasses.

"My hair is crazy enough without a boy playing rough with it." He pretended to be shy before looking over my shoulder and talking to someone else.

"Helping hey? And you can't even enjoy it." Shayne was winding me up so I lightly punched him in the stomach.

"Aren't you coming?" Lasercorn asked as he then helped me with the fake snow.

"Nope. Can't come even for a second." Shayne then set off to help near by.

"I'm sure you could be Shayne's plus one or maybe you could come as your own guest. Rhett and Link wouldn't mind." I wrinkled my nose and shook my head.

"I have a shift at the hospital for the whole of the party and Shayne has his plus one already. One of his uni friends. Not a big deal to be honest with you, I don't have fond memories of things like this. All of the nurses and doctors would get drunk and I would have to explain to wives why their husbands were professing their undying love for me." Lasercorn let a smirk grow as I told the story and he seemed to have an understanding for why.

It didn't take long to set up when I felt a hand tug on my arm. The others were all busy and when I turned it was Shayne.
"I got Damien to drive me here so, can I come back to your place or you come back to mine? We can watch something." I nodded and finished up what I was doing before wiping my hands down again.

"Are you two together?" She looked unfamiliar but Shayne recognised them and she smiled brightly. Also a ginger and I liked that about her.

"No. We're just friends Stevie." That hurt but I should have expected it because I let it happen. It wouldn't be going on for long though. The girl walked away skeptically.

"Only if you aren't thinking with your clitoris." He laughed loudly and we walked to the crew to say our goodbyes.

The car was loud with music and we didn't talk much until we got into my house and I sat on the sofa with Shayne following suit. My hand playing in my hair as I also scrolled through my phone.

"Aphie. Do you want to watch something?" I barely made eye contact as I shook my head and he just looked at me. I could feel the gaze but ignored it as he seemed to be thinking something.

"What's wrong?" I looked up and threw my phone to the side of me before crawling over to him. My face close to his before I stood up and pulled him with me to my room. He stumbled up some steps but we got up just fine and the door was closed behind me. He was sure that I had something to tell him and it was all over his face.

"Shayne, do you have a condom?" He nodded and pulled it out of his wallet. I examined it for a long second.

"I change it monthly, especially after your comments made about how it breaks down over the months." I was glad something got through from my lectures and before I knew it my hands moved to his brightly coloured shirt that made me love him even more.

"Not love." Shayne looked unsure and I pretended not to notice as I unbuttoned the shirt and as I got to the top one of his hands held mine.

"Not love?" I felt guilty, he thought I was dealing with the opposite emotion to what I was actually feeling.

"It's too soon surely, too soon to love you. It takes three years scientists say." His smile was a pretty one as he let got of my hands and let me take his shirt off completely.

"You love me?" I bit my lip and wrapped my arms around his neck before hugging him.

"Never." I joked and tried to make it less awkward for me but nothing could stop that. He didn't love me so that ruined it. I was jumping in too strong. We had only been actually dating for a little over a year and we still hadn't had sex, he didn't see the need to tell his friends and I had been to his work a few times at most.

"I love you too." He said it and instantly I pulled back and smiled at him. My hands falling to his chest and I pushed him back so that he was on the bed. His body was well sculpted and my hands ran through his hair over and over until I realised that he was pulling my top off so I had to stop. When my bra was on show I removed his trousers and socks before our mouths met again. My trousers were next to go and he kissed a trail up my stomach on his return.

We kept close until the moment finally arrived and the bed became a perfect place for us to lay down in each other's arms. My clothes were all over the floor and so were his but I didn't care as my head was on his chest.

"You're nice and warm." I murmured into his chest as he was heaving still and both of our exerted hearts needed to return to a normal pattern but it would take time.

"Aphie, we should probably get to work or something because it is like six and people don't normally go to bed at six. We also need dinner." I groaned out and he played with my hair and I could have purred in pure pleasure.

"Just, pretend you feel sick. I was working crazy hours all week so it wouldn't be unexpected for me to sleep now. If we want dinner I will order in. I am not going to let you start working now. I want you to cuddle me because that is what I want and today that just goes." He laughed and his hand began to tickle my back and a groan did leave my lips but I could feel how he reacted and Shayne was down with it.

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