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My curls untucked themselves from behind my ear in a second for the millionth time before I gave up and took my contacts out so that my glasses could act as a buffer. My brown eyes must have looked way past tired as I saw an entire hour pass with new patients. That was when I remembered the three boys and smiled. They seemed to be able to cheer me up.

"Hello." I greeted incredibly slowly and checked the information before then checking on him.

"Hey." They both responded and they had been joking before I came in and it was even heard as they laughed as they spoke. My hands had stuck to the tests that I had to carry out. All I knew was that he wasn't about to go down hill on me.

"Hey nurse." I looked up and waited to see what it was that they wanted.
"I was just wondering when we could leave. We have to get to filming soon." I smiled and carried on as I heard the brunette whisper rather loudly in a form of response to the blonde.

"Shayne, we are YouTubers. That won't impress her, it also sounds like you want to get away from her not get with her." I inhaled suddenly and had to cough to clear my airways as he spoke.

"Well, I am sorry that you want to get away from me so much, and here I was thinking we got along, but I have to wait until he wakes up and depending on how strong he is it will be seven at the latest but six is probably ideal. I had to give him a little more you see as it says on his records that he is immune to some drugs so certain drugs like these have to be in higher doses. While he is out one of you can go and get paracetamol or you can ask for any ideals for concussions. The local pharmas have been low on stocks recently so tough to say what they have in their stock. I have to carry out a test once he wakes as well because I have to know that he is stable. If you wish you can leave." They both look at each other and shake their heads before Mr. Blue hair stands like he is the tribute.

"I can grab the tablets. Where can I go?" I show him a few places and give a few postcodes for his phone before he waves and heads off to grab them.

"So, Aphrodite. Do you have any nicknames? I just say it because you know mine and it is only right." He was straightforward and that was something that British men weren't.

"Yes actually." And with that I left the curtained room and headed out to see the other patients. I couldn't keep the smile off my face as I worked and found the hospital to be suddenly more pleasant. When I had to check for rounds I noticed that I could check on Mr Blonde.

I had to see to other people and my voice became far kinder the more excited I got but nothing could be rushed so I had to wait patiently. A few of them had to throw curve balls at me and so I decided that they would need more time but eventually I got back to it.

"You're awake." I smiled and read the chart once again before slipping gloves on from the box on the wall.

"Where are my friends?" He asked faintly. Clearly he had barely woken up and I looked at him kindly for a second.

"Damien? I think that is his name left to grab you the paracetamol and Shayne must have popped to the loo or something like that." He nodded and wiped his face before I held up my gloves and sighed out.

"Not another one." He really didn't seem like he was up for it.

"Nope. A few tests and none of them need needles. A few questions and a few taps. That is all I promise you." He sighed out and closed his eyes as he mumbled something under his breath. Thanking someone.

"What do you need?" I licked my lips and then bit the bottom one as I tried to think and then remembered.

"Is your headache different from before?" He nodded blankly at me and then formed words that he could come up with in his groggy state.

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