Los Angeles

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The clouds danced below my feet but my eyes had grown heavy and so I only woke up to hear the call of landing. I wiped my eyes carefully and then got to picking up my things. The plane was landing with a bit of turbulence but it slowly stopped on the tarmac. My body was regretting my choice already as fear of the new life I would lead filled me.

I got off and claimed my bags before moving to the exit. I couldn't find the blonde man and so I walked around for a bit before I grew tired.
"Aphrodite." I looked up and sure enough he was there. Shayne was still taller than me but only by a few inches and his chinos were black as he wore a casual t-shirt. My eyes must have lit up because the smile that grew on my face was massive and I had no way of controlling it.

"Hello Shayne." We hugged tightly before he took one of my bags and then my hand. It felt nice to be with him in person rather than over the phone so all I did was let our fingers entwine and lean on his arm as one of my bags was dragged behind me.

"You look nice." He commented in his old lady voice as we got into the car, and I waited for the follow up comment.
"But those shorts are of the devil." I punched his arm and it didn't do much. He was clearly either playing it down or just strong and they were equally possible to me.

"I happen to like my shorts but I think that your top is covering too much and your trousers are too long. Pants and no top seem fitting for such a hot day." He drove a little longer before we arrived at his house. As I looked through the window I saw how beautiful it was but it was more urban than where I lived so it would take lots of getting used to. His hand slowly slipped onto my thigh and he squeezed as we sat there.

"Go on. Tell me you like fat girls." I smirked before turning to him and he shook his head. We had just met a red light so he could look at me but I watched the traffic.

"I was not going to say that. I was going to say that you are thinking about something. What was it?" His face didn't leave mine and so I looked him dead in the eye before gesturing to the lights and he began to drive again. My hand slipped over his.

"I was just thinking that it wasn't like my home. I have to get used to this. No more miles of hills to go for walks. No more socially awkward men who like me but won't say anything and no more patients that are too scared to charge the NHS for vital treatment because of the money so won't seek advice until they are about to die." He was a confident driver and that was for sure but when we arrived I slowly climbed out before moving to the boot but he had beaten me there so I took the keys and unlocked the house, keeping the door open for him.

"It's nice." I comment as I flip the switch and he walked in. The house was on one level. The lounge was first met and then a form of pre bathroom and then the shower and toilet. The kitchen was small but it was for one man and the bedroom was on the right of the pre bathroom. I liked it.

"You can take the bed. I will take the couch." I just shake my head before walking up to him and then giving him and gentle hug. We weren't used to being about to touch but it was nice. I managed to keep in a hug but tilt back to look at his face.

"Nope. I am only here for a while and it saves you having to change the bedding loads. I will take the sofa and you have your bed. It looks comfortable to me. Lots of room and you won't have to worry about waking me up when you want to get dressed. Besides, the car is coming today and my house will be ready in a week." He seemed to be looking stubborn so I pulled him closer into a hug and rested my head on his shoulder.

"You smell nice." He mumbled in a dark tone but I felt the jiggle as he laughed and I began to laugh as well. He was a mad man and I loved that.

"You don't." I commented before stepping back and kissing his cheek. My eyes widening before walking to his bedroom and grabbing my phone from the bag, placing my new SIM in.

"What do you fancy doing first?" As he spoke I gave a yawn but I walked past him and he followed through to the front room.

"I need to call my family first and then I will be up for anything." I sat on the sofa and pulled at the white top. The sleeves were thick but not caps. The top looked like it was knotted in the middle and my shorts were pink and the fabric held lines down them where the seams were. My white trainers had been slipped off and I crossed my legs under me as he wrapped an arm around me.

"Who are you going to call?" I pulled out my phone properly and looked through my contacts.

"Just mum. They are all at my house." He nodded at me before pulling his phone out and tapping away with one hand. My call only took a second but my delayed flight freaked me out. I had lost hours and I had to wait for my car. It was due in 1 minute.

"That was quick." I nodded and cuddled into him as my tired body relaxed.

"It's late out there. My car is due any moment now. Then what should we do?" I was exhausted and he had to surely hear it.

"I can order some food in. What takeaway do you like?" I couldn't think of anything other than the smell of his cologne and it was inviting. The door rang though and I was on my feet. Ready for what it would be. My car.

"Ms Evergreen?" I nod and he gestures to the car for me. I smile at his gesture before providing him some identification and he lets me sign it. My new car and it was amazing. Some type of Range Rover.

"Thank you." I wave him off before closing the door. If I had the energy I would have checked it out and I would later on.

"Chinese. Can we get Chinese?" Shayne nods and gets his phone out before handing it to me and I pick the food I want before handing it back.

"I will send over some money." I sat on the sofa with him again and feel my eyes grow heavy but as his arm wrapped around me I remembered something. I wanted him and it was dangerous. Us, alone and in his house for a week. Shayne was allowed to work from home until I moved out and started back at work which was the same day, in a week.

"Don't worry about money." I pull back slightly and grab my phone.

"I will get washed. See you in a second." He just gives a smile as I get up and walk over to the bathroom for some shower time.

"Do you need a towel?" I have to really think about it as my mind was blocked.

"No. No thank you. I did bring one thanks." He had gotten to his feet and walked over to the sink area I was at as he watched me. I walked to grab my towel and my scrunchy. It was better for my hair.

I had tied it up and walked into the shower room and began to undress before I realised that his shower was one thing I couldn't deal with.
"Shayne?" He walked from the lounge and to me in a casual stride.

"Yeah?" He asked and I opened the door with my towel around me while watching him.

"Could you show me how to work the shower?" He smiled and pretended to be a tough and cool guy as he walked to it.

"Sure girl, just twist this and then this. There you go." I laughed as he did this and I thanked him as he just walked out without another word.

The door closed and I washed my body before the door went and I felt how hungry I was. However, due to the fact that I didn't know how to make the water hotter it was a cold shower and with Shayne not far away, it was bad. Very bad so I pretended to ignore it and just towel dried myself before seeing my mistake. I forgot my clothes. He had seen me in my towel before so it was no big deal as I walked into the bedroom hoping to avoid him. Nope, he stood by his clothes.

"Sorry. I will grab my clothes and get dressed in the bathroom. One second." I walked over and struggled to unzip the bag and Shayne seemed to notice as he leant over and undid the suitcase. He was shirtless though. I looked to my right and was reminded it was a mirror so I hid my face.

"There you go." I quietly thanked him but as the bag had popped open all of my underwear was seen and scrubs aren't sexy so to make myself feel better I wear lacy underwear. Every single day.

I picked out my pyjamas and underwear before then closing it all up and walking into the bathroom. It was so awkward.

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