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Christmas was a time of year that was suppose to bring joy and it did. My present for Shayne was under his tree and his present for me was also under the tree. I just wanted him to see what I got him. It would be perfect. The wedding planning was going ahead but none of his friends knew yet and I was a little frustrated. Every passing day seemed to make him less likely to tell them. Not that it mattered. I had a close bond with them all and it was time for the party again.

"Are you coming this year?" I looked up and saw that it was Noah. I nodded my head and found that it was growing harder to not talk about the wedding as they pushed for answers.

"Yeah. I'm not working this year luckily." Noah was a gentle giant. So tall and yet so soft.

"Are you not spending it with your fiancé?" I was sure that he had good intentions but I was fed up of thinking about it.

"Yeah uh. He has to do things so he is busy." Noah nodded and helped me some more but was called off as Courtney and Olivia walked in. Courtney ended up at my side. The large hall was all done so I had to help in the side rooms.

"Hey Courtney." I greeted with kindness at heart but she seemed unsure of something.

"I'm just going to come out with it. This fiancé. Has Shayne met him? Does he love you and do you love him?" If only she knew.

"Shayne has and yes. We love each other. Spend a lot of time together." She seemed to believe me but she could have believed a little more.

"What is the plan this Christmas?" I bit my lip and saw that I had finished what I had to do.

"Spend it with my Fiancé. Sorry, this is going to seem rude but Shayne made a promise like three years ago and no matter my pestering he won't keep it." She looked at me with silent encouragement as I stood and wiped my hands down my outfit.

I walked out of the room and found that Shayne was on his phone in the large hall. I walked in and he had to finish up. He was on the phone with his brother and I could tell as he spoke so fondly. His choice of words also gave it away but after the call ended I saw him look up at me with a smile and glee in his eyes and then it faded.

"What's wrong?" I licked and then bit my lip before he walked forward and pulled my lip out from my teeth.

"When exactly are you going to tell them?" Shayne shrugged his shoulders and looked concerned.

"When the timing is good." I sighed out with a pained laugh.

"It has taken nearly three years for the time to be right. I don't like waiting around Shayne. That is why I am a nurse and not an office worker. I once told a guy that I wasn't in the mood anymore because then I would have to wait for him to grab a condom. You don't get it Shayne. I want to get excited but you can't even open your mouth." He couldn't say anything to that surely.

"It just doesn't feel right to tell them yet." I shook my head and gave an evil stare filled with tears that really wanted to fall.

"When you give a girl a ring you don't act like there is nothing different. Shayne, growing up I thought I would be the spinster, no husband because the job that I wanted didn't lend itself to a relationship and then I met you and I let myself fall in love. I have been waiting for long enough." I took the ring off and tried to hand it back to him but he stepped back only it made me even angrier.

"Aphie, I love you. Don't do this. Just some more time, please Aphie." I shook my head and stepped closer. He would have to take the ring eventually.

"My name is Aphrodite. You have no right to call me Aphie. People I care about call me Aphie and when someone treats me like a dirty little secret they are no longer anyone I should care about." I try to hand it back to him again but he wouldn't take it.

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