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One day of pure awkwardness and suddenly I saw a massive flaw. If we were that awkward together then surely I couldn't ever really get with him and we had wasted months of our lives. I was only 25 though and he was only 26. We had time.

"Shayne. I am going to run to the hospital to grab my things for when I start. I will be a few hours most and an hour at the least. The interviews all went well so they won't have questions for me. Do you want me to grab anything while I am out there?" He turned from his laptop and nodded before picking up his phone.

"You said you were cooking tonight. You will need to grab those ingredients and could you grab me some bananas?" I nodded and closed the door with a small wave. Some relationships were just awkward right?

The car was climbed into and I rang my sister. She would be returning from work and the traffic would be boring.

Hey Aphie.

Hey Tia. I need help. Won't lie, I am calling just for your help.

Okay. What is it?

So, I am out here and it is so awkward. My first hour here he saw me in a towel, saw all my underwear and we kind of cuddled but I wanted to sleep so that is the only reason. We barely talk and he is so awkward with me and I am not sure what to do.

He likes you. Just, put yourself in a position where he can kiss you. I mean, you haven't really looked at a guy properly since he came into your hospital.

Not my hospital and his friend had a concussion. I had to treat him.

Well, do you find Mr. Blonde attractive?


Then when you get home from wherever you are because I can hear the car just kiss him.

No. I am not like you. Romance isn't part of me and he isn't that different.

What is happening tonight?

I am making dinner.

Get him to help or make moves at the table. Come on girl.

I am at the hospital so need to go. Love you.


Tia, don't go warning me. I will talk later. Bye baby.

I hung up and turned off the engine before walking into the hospital. I had to queue for reception but got in quickly.

"My name is Aphrodite. I am due to pick up my starter package today because I begin work in five days." The man at reception nods and clicks a few times before wheeling back a little.

"The MD is out and your supervisor is also so we will have to show you around today and questions may have to wait until you join us next week. If you follow me and I can show you round. It will only be a second." I nod and look at him. Tall, married and he seemed kind. A potential friendly face. As we walked around he was greeted by most so clearly he was a friend of the whole hospital. Not that it particularly mattered because I would learn their names and get comfortable with them. Hopefully.

"This will be the main area of your work. The floors all look exactly the same so you can't get lost. The emergency room will be perfect for you because it will be like back home. Obviously the English tests are a little tougher and you have been trained for a number of years but experience is the most vital to us. You will be the floor manager for most of the floors you are on, for the nurses, but you will know before you start your shift. Hello Mike. On your right is the nursing station. Again, just like the rest if the floors and the other side of the hospital is the mirror image of this one." I nodded and look around. There were so many patients but it didn't seem awful, I had dealt with more.

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