Over Seas.

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Two weeks of debating was up and I decided that it was time. I had finished my week of working and all of my weekend was free as I had been doing back to backs with little gaps between them. I was tired but it left me a weekend to myself and most of Friday. All I had to occupy me was a man who was probably back in America.

Hello Shayne. Xx

Hello? Dare I ask?

If I was to say that I was a girl you would probably have a whole list of people that it could be. Xx

Oh, the girl from Starbucks?
The girl from the soccer game?
I'm joking. Aphrodite I am afraid that you are the only girl I don't have saved on my phone. Xx

Oh, all the rest saved on your dick? Xx

Yeah. Because I am a man. Xx


That's an ouch. Xx

No, it's just truth. Xx

Do you know what I really need? Xx

What? A good session with the 'lads'? Where you just slag off women? Trust me, it does no-one any good. Xx

No. I need to see you. We could facetime tonight. Xx

I could also murder thousands of people tonight but I won't be. Xx

Wow. That escalated quickly. Xx

If Only your 5ft 8 body would escalate quickly. Xx

How do you know my height? Xx

Intergalacwhip. I found the video and recognised a face or two, Shayne Topp. Xx

Damn. I am screwed. You know all my secrets. Xx

Yeah I do. Mr. I can't get any dates. Xx

I could always know all your secrets. Xx

That was smoother than butter. It depends on the secrets though. I must warn you now that I have no dark past, no abuse, no parents that hated me or siblings. Most basic woman ever. Xx

I wasn't quite going for that. I was thinking about the way you feel. Xx

Soft. And big booty to squeeze. Xx

Hey, Shayne is in the toilet and this notification popped up but I can't get into his phone. This is Courtney. That last text sounded as juicy as your ass. Can I ask if you and he are together?

Instantly the phone was dropped and cursed out loud. Nothing could hear me, the flat had walls that were thick enough. It was crap, Courtney had to get into the picture. Who was she? Oh dear. Was I about to become a homewrecker? Nope, that was the end of that. Suddenly the phone went again.

I will delete these messages when he gets back, ask to borrow his phone. You can be honest with me.

I put my phone down and walk away before I am tempted to question who it could be anymore but I was so curious that I just wanted to know. I couldn't Google it. That was too backstabber like so all that was left to do was to ignore it. Only, my phone went off again.

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