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The Switch / Shourtney by Kat_trix7
The Switch / Shourtneyby Kat_trix7
Shayne and Courtney have been co-workers and friends since they began working at Smosh about two years ago. But when circumstances change, feelings start to grow. Are th...
Summer Girl || A Shourtney Story by simplymarina
Summer Girl || A Shourtney Storyby marinapoly
The only thing that would complicate Summer Games: Apocalypse would be a certain blue-eyed, witty boy. But I, Courtney Miller, could never fall for my best friend Shayne...
You're My Cinderella - Damien Haas X Reader - Smosh Summer Games Apocalypse by Doyle02
You're My Cinderella - Damien Doyle02
When the editor, Jayme, get's pulled into the Smosh Summer Games Apocalypse, she had no idea how it was going to go. Jayme, or Jay for short, has worked at Smosh since i...
Edit My Feelings ~Shayne x Reader~ by LemonLimeLibby
Edit My Feelings ~Shayne x Reader~by LemonLimeLibby
Your new roommates Damien and Shayne get you a job at Smosh because they're the best roommates ever, duh. But one of them gets you more than just a job, they get you cat...
Quality Content ~Shayne x Reader~ by LemonLimeLibby
Quality Content ~Shayne x Reader~by LemonLimeLibby
You decide to drop everything and move LA to pursue your dream of acting. When you get a job at Smosh, you find yourself falling for Shayne Topp, and he might be falling...
Bunk Buddies |Shayne Topp x Reader| HIATUS by beesinu
Bunk Buddies |Shayne Topp x shib
[smosh summer games: camp setting] - #1 in smosh #1 in shaynetopp #1 in smoshgames #1 in smoshfanfiction - "Bottom bunk?" "Yeah, I'm not down to climb a l...
Smosh Winter Games 2018! (Damien Haas x Reader) by MaeBelle3
Smosh Winter Games 2018! (Damien MaeBelle
You are a designer for the smosh crew, working for the graphics and designing all the merch and thumbnails. You've been working for the smosh squad specifically, for abo...
It's Rough To Be A Youtuber (Shayne Topp Fanfic) by artsyfren
It's Rough To Be A Youtuber ( artsyfren
Best award so far - #7 someromance Maxine has been a Youtuber for a few years now and has over 17 million subscribers. Life has been hard for her.After moving, meeting n...
Shourtney Oneshots by ASmoshFan012345
Shourtney Oneshotsby ASmoshFan012345
Collections of Shourtney oneshots that I wrote
courtney miller imagines (gxg) by mixkatie
courtney miller imagines (gxg)by kt<3
i guess the title says it all? i got nothing else to do during quarantine so i thought wHy nOt mAkE a BoOk sooo...yeah that's happening pre warning, i'm a pretty bad wri...
love letters | shourtney by notenoughcalcium
love letters | shourtneyby notenoughcalcium
There's always been something between Courtney and Shayne, whether she acknowledged it or not. Now that Shayne has been appearing in Courtney's dreams, things are going...
𝚂𝚕𝚊𝚜𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚜 𝚡 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛 by bug_222
𝚂𝚕𝚊𝚜𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚜 𝚡 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛by // littlemiss_4tune
I do smut, fluff e.t.c I also ship followers with slasher so describe your self, and I'll give your " perfect partner"
shayne x reader. by ashleyyyyx
shayne x ashley 💗
your typical shayne love story i guess :))
Shourtney Oneshots by deptofweirdsounds
Shourtney Oneshotsby Department of Weird Sounds
Sometimes the fic ideas fit into a single chapter, and then they go here! Shourtney, probably mostly fluff with a tiiiiiiny bit of drama where appropriate. (Title liable...
My Pizza Boy (Shayne Topp x Reader) by Moefluff
My Pizza Boy (Shayne Topp x Reader)by Moefluff
Everything you need... plus the package😉😂 Update 12/22/21: Chapters are undergoing through a bit of maintenance work. Within certain chapters, those marked with "...
Spin the Bottle Truth or Dare- Shaymien  by michael_bricky
Spin the Bottle Truth or Dare- kittenglasses
Truth or dare shenanigans Shaymien Ongoing story Disclaimer/Warning: this fan content contains sexual situations between two people who are just friends in real life. I...
StepBrothers -Ianthony ~ (BoyXBoy) ~ by jbr123246
StepBrothers -Ianthony ~ (BoyXBoy) jbr123246
Anthony lives with his dad and Ian lives with his mom. Ian is emo, gay and pretty much doesn't know why he's still living. Anthony on the other hand is captain of the fo...
The Intern // shayne topp x reader by rivster
The Intern // shayne topp x readerby river 🐀
"oh, don't flatter yourself. you're nothing more than an intern." ~very inconsistent updates because being an adult is hard~ •••lowercase intended••• ⚠️some ma...
Everything Changes  - A Smosh Fanfic by OliviaDyson6
Everything Changes - A Smosh Olivia Dyson
As Ian's little sister, you've been apart of smosh since it all began. Growing up you helped edit, produce and write for smosh. Growing close to everyone member of the c...