Summer Vacation by _Karolxna_
Summer Vacationby Here_for_Vkook
•"" Marinette, will you go with me""• That's where it began
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The Watcher(Prison School X Male Reader) by KazumaItsuka
The Watcher(Prison School X Male Big Fella Certified
Hachimitsu Academy.Formerly an all-girls school has turned coed.Y/N L/N is one of six guys who have transferred to this Academy while you generally keep to yourself,you...
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Princess Marinette [Wattys2018] by seaturtle123567
Princess Marinette [Wattys2018]by Lennie
[ HIGHEST RANKING : #1 in Miraculous Ladybug ] One day during the beginning of class, Marinette was called to the principle's office. She didn't know why, but when she...
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Addicted To You°Bozamien°SMUT° by Smosh_BTS
Addicted To You°Bozamien°SMUT°by 1-800-EATMYASS
Damn, I just never knew you were so addicting! WARNING: FUTURE CHAPTERS WILL HAVE SMUTS!!! Started: 12/12/17 at 11:58 p.m End: 6/12/18 Cover by @shipperson
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Bandit ~ MariChat  by Chocopaws
Bandit ~ MariChat by ally | 14 | female
Marinette Dupain-Cheng has wanted to be a cop and was trained to be one since birth. Trained to hunt down criminals and throw them into jail. But, one certain cat caught...
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Okay Lol | Me by PEACHPJM
Okay Lol | Meby ☟
Tags and possibly other stuff! #747 in Random
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Joven's Little Sister ( Wes x Reader) by miss_marais
Joven's Little Sister ( Wes x Tacy
(Y/N) Is Jovenshires little sister. When she decides to move in with her brother in LA, she joins smosh games. In the midst of all the things that are happening, she mee...
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An Unlikely Intern | Miraculous Ladybug by MiraculouslyyPanda
An Unlikely Intern | Miraculous MiraculouslyyPanda
When Gabriel Agreste holds a design competition to find a summer intern who will spend every single day at the Agreste Manor or at Adrien's photoshoots, Marinette sets h...
  • ladrien
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The Vulnerability of Pink by BubblyBubbled
The Vulnerability of Pinkby ⟨BUBBLES⟩
MARINETTE DUPAIN-CHENG: Wittily and sassily strong despite everyone else's irritating opinion. ADRIEN AGRESTE: Paris' most discussed fashion model mogul with a construc...
  • marichat
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Instant Connection  #shartney by justabasicbitch22
Instant Connection #shartneyby Ayla Melville
Addicted to reading smosh fan fictions so thought I would make on my self #smoshmegafan
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Adrienette Adulthood by WriteMangolicious
Adrienette Adulthoodby Kittie Steward
Adrien and Mari are finally together, this story is about their relationship and includes babies, drama and Adreinette! Hope you all enjoy.
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I'll Always Be There (A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction) by SweetAgreste313
I'll Always Be There (A ❤Sweet Agreste❤
"I'll always be there for you okay? Whether you need a shoulder to cry on or just someone to be there with you, I'll make sure that you're never alone, because...
  • paris
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Smosh Summer Games! by jennyjenklns
Smosh Summer Games!by jennyjenklns
Y/N and the Smosh Family are going to Smosh Summer Games (Damienxreader story) (slowish burn) Enjoy!!💕
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Smosh Games' new Member (Westheeditor X Reader) by Castiels_girl1998
Smosh Games' new Member ( Sydney
You have just graduated film school and are looking for a job that has to do with filming. Smosh Games is recently looking for a new editor. You get hired and are introd...
  • ian
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Stolen by The_Real_Keef
Stolenby Keith Mclain
Nathaniel diguses himself as Adrien to have sex with Marinette. Will she find out or not. Will she care? And people are trying to take Mari away from Adrien and rape her...
  • adrienette
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Smosh x reader oneshots! by jodie_majury
Smosh x reader oneshots!by Jodie
All members (including games) included! Leave requests in the comments or any constructive criticism.
  • shaynetopp
  • ianhecox
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Jealous minds  by ZaurenShipper
Jealous minds by ZaurenShipper
In every relationships there's two types of people.... Courtney and Olivia are co workers and best friends who work at Smosh. All there friends know they have feelings f...
  • keith
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We Are The Loud Ones - Wesari by MorganLeigh0729
We Are The Loud Ones - Wesariby Morgan
AU. Be quiet. Don't be a public nuisance. Be in before dark. Never break a law or you will never see the next day. Mari Takahashi was the obedient girlfriend of one of...
  • lawbreakers
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Princess Marinette of England and China [Complete] by Iris_Lolirock_
Princess Marinette of England Iris
Princess Marinette and her class, have a trip to China to see her coronation. Will she be able to keep her identity a secret? Will Adrien discover her identity as Ladybu...
  • fanfiction
  • nalya
  • mlwattysaward
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Say you won't let go// #shourtney by Supersmosh_
Say you won't let go// #shourtneyby Lynx
Shayne and Courtney have been friends for a while now. What will happen when they realise they have feelings for each other?
  • iancorn
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