No Work.

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Papers and deadlines filled my mind but they were all filled out and I could send it all off. Both in word and email. The letter had just been sent off and I was emailing off what I had to when the door went and I opened it without thinking.

"Aphie. How are you?" I hadn't really spoken to him in weeks. He would message on occasion but with my busy work I had been doing stuff and I didn't want to make time for someone that would even tell the others that I was part of their life.

"Good." His smiling face made me give in and I just stepped aside before walking and clearing the table in the kitchen. The house wasn't much but I lived alone so didn't need much.

"Aphie..." He was cut short when I interrupted.

"Cut the crap. What do you want?" He was definitely not expecting it but when I sat on the sofa he was right beside me

"To say sorry. I know you hate working on weekends so why don't you come into work with me and you can meet the whole crew. We can talk now as well and you can get angry then we can kiss and you can do your two week lust test." I click my tongue when he places a hand on my knee.

"I only do the lust test when I am dating him so that is a no go." He moved closer and pointed to his nose.

"You bit me." I smiled as I remembered it and there was a niceness about the fact that he had thought about it as well.

"I remember. Why did you mention it?" He was suddenly at my hip so we were side by side and his hand moved to around me.

"I just remembered it. Now, how would you like to kiss me?" I sucked my lips in and shook my head as he looked at me. Slowly he moved closer until his lips met my neck and I let him kiss me for a second before I pushed him away, no hickeys.

"Shayne. Why are you playing?" I suddenly became aware of the fact that I was wearing PJs and I pulled at my shorts.

"Because I want to date you. I want to call you my girlfriend." I looked at him and thinned my eyes at him before placing my hand below his as it rested on my leg.

"Well, what if I don't want to?" He seemed to be very worried for a second before finally relaxing and he pulled me to rest on his lap.

"Then you would be lying to yourself." He tilted my chin towards him and slowly his lips met mine and it all felt right again. I moved to face him in more of a direct way before I could stop myself. I was stupid and I could feel my guard slip away from me as all I could do was kiss him.

"Confidence seems to pay of." I murmured before kissing him a few more times quickly.

"If you change now you can come into work with me and see what it is like." I agree and head up the steps before hearing him follow me up.

"No. No, no, no. Shayne, you aren't about to watch me change." He didn't seem bothered by it as he walked into my room and just laid on the bed. Not looking.

"I promise not to look, record or find out what your naked body looks like and that is a promise." He seemed sincere so I went with it.

"Shayne. I am assuming they still won't know so I will make a promise not to tell them until you do but please don't make me wait years. The longer it goes on the less likely you are to tell them and then the less likely we are go carry on dating." I was still in the process of deciding what to wear but he did give an audible agreement.

After a few minutes I decided on a waist high corduroy brown skirt and a beige top that was a little short with long sleeves. My pierced belly button was seen and I put my nose ring in my septum as well as the cuff on my ear and the normal studded earring. I was well pierced.

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