Yeah They Do.

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"George. Why aren't you wearing a nappy?" His smile and tired eyes confused me but I took his hand and walked him over to the bag of nappies before pulling them on and then walking him to the clothes. He tried to protest but I put the suit on and he could do nothing about it.

"No." He kept telling me and somehow that was all he would say. He could agree with people but he just didn't. Even if he wanted something he would turn it down and get annoyed when it was taken away.

"You sir are two and can say more than 'no' but that is all you say. Come on. Agree with me man. What about toast? You want toast?" He nodded and then hugged me close.

He was so tired but there were two hours so slowly I helped feed him toast. Light up shoes were hidden so he couldn't scream for them and the weather was considerably nicer than England. Just what I needed after the dreary rain.

"George." Mia walked in and went to take him but he nibbled on the toast some more. Clearly he was not done with his food.

"Give him a moment. Gosh." She laughed and handed me a beaker of juice and as if timed he sat up and inched his pointing finger and thumb close and put it to his mouth before tilting back. He was thirsty.
"Right here baby." He took the cup and began to drink it. He seemed off though.

"Brr." He sounded and I knew why. He wasn't tired, he was cold. Instantly I picked him up and brought him through to the front room and picked up a suit for him. This time he was actually helping me as he wanted it. Oh how the tables had turned.

We sat down again but he kept trying to mess around and I gave up. He was on my lap on the chair but he wanted my phone and also wanted to go and watch cartoons. I was tickling him and taking some pictures before the door went. Mia was quick to answer and a faint female voice was heard. Martha had obviously answered the door as well.

"Come on in." I heard my brother-in-law and felt unsure of why he sounded so confident and sure of a choice. Had he done something? I pretended not to notice but I heard running feet of two people and then Mia walked in.

"I told him but between Martha and Jacob I had no chance. Sorry, I can take George at any time." She had cleared nothing up when she left and I began to tickle him once again. A laugh erupting before he then put his finger over my belly button.

"Ooh, belly button." I mentioned and pressed on his as well. He had two layers on but his smile and also his laugh made me smile and laugh as well. It felt so good to do that. To laugh. When I looked across I saw Shayne and stopped instantly.

"Hey Aphrodite." I smiled and felt the boy sit with his legs crossed on my lap. He pretended to be good and eat his toast but I knew the truth. He wanted the tea.

"Please, take a seat." He refused to with a small wave of his hand and I accepted it. Feeling awkward as hell.

"I just wanted to take a second." I nodded and then give a gesture, telling him to hurry up with it.

"My family were all over at the Smosh office to pick me up for Christmas lunch on the last day. I decided that it would be a good time as everyone was in the office. I told them about us and I got told that I was stupid and shouldn't be such a pr, uh, cactus. They then all, including my parents which got awkward at dinner, ignored me. Wouldn't even pass me the salt and I realised that I had been ignoring you. I love you and you love me but I was an idiot and you had to draw the line. A line I am grateful for because now I want to start over, to be friends, to go on dates again and spend time together. If you don't want this then can you tell me that we can still talk and just be friends?" I bit my lip and remembered that he hated it. The look in his eyes told me he wanted to correct it but he didn't.

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