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As wrong as it felt, seeing the patches that I had caused Shayne felt right. It meant that we were in a relationship again and because of that I felt the smile grow on my face. One thing became clear out of all of it though. If I had been weak and given in any sooner, he wouldn't have told them like he should have.

"Hey Doll." The voice came through the door but she couldn't get in so I snuggled closer to the body that had only just climbed into bed again. He dressed and threw a small dress at me so we could play innocent. He wasn't wearing his jeans though. A man who does that has some serious issues. Slowly I got to the door after a moment longer and opened it for her.

"How did it go? Well, he is here so well. Are you two back together like the rest of us said you would be?" I smiled when she saw the ring again and took my hand. She was so excited for it and I could see why. It was long awaited.

"You don't have to whisper, he is almost definitely awake. Besides, he has work today." Shayne could only grumble but Mia closed the door and walked to her space before I locked my door and walked over to him.

"You cover a scene up too well." I crawled over the bed and my body loomed over his before I kissed his face over and over until he responded with his own kisses.

"You don't cover your morning wood very well." He smiled and I pulled back the duvet before pulling at his hands and he walked with me into the ensuite. I stripped him and shoved him into the shower before following behind and washing both of us.

"You didn't used to have your shower so hot." Clearly it was a little too hot for him so I turned it down and washed my hair.

"Yeah I did. I just can't work your shower properly and it just reached a point that I became afraid of asking." The shower had to be quick as Shayne would need to leave for work soon so I turned it off and as he protested I handed him a towel and left to blow-dry my hair.

He didn't have any spares and I had returned all of his clothes. A predicament that he wouldn't have been in if he listened to me. Always have a spare set of clothes in the car. It didn't really matter it meant he had to leave half an hour earlier was all.

"I will need to go pretty soon." I nodded and slowly walked up to him as I handed him his keys and also pulled my top on. I had to rearrange my eyelashes as they had gone crazy under the high neckline. It was borderline a turtleneck. Next I pulled on a high waisted grid skirt and pulled on socks, as well as a pair of thick black Dr Martens. My makeup was simple as I added some filler for the eyebrows and then I put nude lipstick on.

"Could I go with you? I took a month off and I have like two more weeks. On top of that Mia wants to see the city like a tourist so they are all off to have some fun. I wasn't in the mood and still not." He agreed with me while he pulled his shoes on and pulled his keys out.

"My family is at my place. All of them so if you want to come in you can." I bit my lip and remembered the lipstick so pulled it off and I corrected the mistake in the mirror before following him out of the house.

"Mia, you have the spare key. Lock up behind yourself please." Just as we went to leave though she called after me and I stopped.

"George is too little to do some of the things I want to do. Could you look after him? His car seat is at the door and he loves you." His dark hair and rounded face was perfect as he looked at me so I nodded and picked him up before handing him over to Shayne.

"Do you mind? I will take him out. I won't go with you to Smosh but could you walk him out? He likes to run up the road is all." I kissed the baby's face and picked up the seat before collecting my keys.

"He can come in. Lasercorn is playing some games with his kid today. I'm not saying put him in a video but they could hang out. Tyler is only a little older." I smiled and watched as Shayne took the seat from me and unlocked the car. Somehow. Both arms full but then I saw that one hand was free as he just used an arm for George.

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