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Soap smothered my hands and arms before finally the day could get into full swing again. The floor of the hospital was relatively busy but it could get so much worse and especially with the awful weather conditions. Snow wasn't falling but it was colder and people didn't seem to be adapting to that. Struggling individuals, especially the elderly would often be in for issues that they hadn't met alone for a while. Their partners seemed to have passed. This was changed when a kind face came in.

"Hello, I am going to be your nurse today. How may I help you?" They looked kind and hyper and that was why I had chosen to care for them. I read the paper as they spoke but it wasn't to me until I looked up in an expectant way.

"Sorry, she is embarrassed and do you mind us recording? I know we need the nurse in charge to also give permission but I can ask whoever they are next I just need their name and where to find them. She works for a YouTube company is all and her boss wants us to." I nod and put the charts back.

"I am the nurse in charge and I am okay with it. The doctor on shift right now is less than fond of youth so no when she comes in. I would ask that you don't mention my name or show my face though and if the doctor walks in just stop recording." The man nodded and the girl with purple hair held her face.

"What happened? It did tell me that your face was hit by a 'rocket' and that is all. Can I check the site?" She nodded and pulled her hand away.

"Well Ms Takahashi, I am sorry to tell you that your jaw is still functioning but it is bad. I have some tablets that can numb it but with your jaw I am in no position to comfortably do that. I can inject and also apply gel." She pouted and looked at the man to her left.

"Peter, I am her husband." I nod and fill the form in a little more. She was bound to be in a lot of pain but I couldn't do much.

"My name is Aphrodite. If you give me a second I can pull up the chart for potential medicines. You have the choice or none at all. I am just worried about your head. No headache?" She shook her head and I carried on with the work before someone walked in.

"Sorry Mari. Couldn't find any that big." I recognise the voice and turn around. She looked like the girl in Shayne's space video. I had no clue what she was doing in the hospital but it also made sense, their office wasn't far away.

"Do you all work for, Smosh? I think that is the name of it." They nodded but the man shook his head. Just married to her.

"You know it?" I bit my tongue, Shayne and I were not official and he hadn't told them about me being in America. I sounded like the side chick.

"Yeah. I treated a member back in England when they were on a visit. Sorry, I need to go and grab the papers." I could treat them but I felt like it would be safer not to.

"Andy, can you grab the s7r chart? Thanks." He was handing it to me in a second before I headed back and picked up the chart to compare. Some had to be checked off and then I handed the paper over.

"Uh, nurse. Can I ask something?" I look at them on my way out before looking expectantly.

"What is it? Oh, the ones with pen through won't be an option for you because of your history." I say just in case as she looks at what she could take and with what the side effects could or would be.

"Where could we get green tampons?" My hand reached into my front pocket and with it came one of the desired products. I winked before leaving and mumbling something about giving time.

Guess who I am currently treating. Xx

The Queen. Xx

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