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Quality Content ~Shayne x Reader~ by LemonLimeLibby
Quality Content ~Shayne x Reader~by LemonLimeLibby
You decide to drop everything and move LA to pursue your dream of acting. When you get a job at Smosh, you find yourself falling for Shayne Topp, and he might be falling...
Bunk Buddies |Shayne Topp x Reader| HIATUS by beesinu
Bunk Buddies |Shayne Topp x shib
[smosh summer games: camp setting] - #1 in shaynetopp #1 in smoshgames #1 in smoshfanfiction - "Bottom bunk?" "Yeah, I'm not down to climb a ladder every...
You're My Favorite Pizza Place [finished] by briubbles
You're My Favorite Pizza Place [ briubbles
Sadie Johnson is a successful YouTuber from the east coast who has a massive crush on Shayne Topp from the channel Smosh. What happens when Ian discovers her channel and...
Smosh Summer Games Camp (Shayne Topp x Reader) by Booperdooperbooper2
Smosh Summer Games Camp (Shayne Dis bitch 👏
Just some fun Smosh Summer Games shenanigans, right? ...Right?
Shourtney Oneshots by deptofweirdsounds
Shourtney Oneshotsby Department of Weird Sounds
Sometimes the fic ideas fit into a single chapter, and then they go here! Shourtney, probably mostly fluff with a tiiiiiiny bit of drama where appropriate. (Title liable...
Me and Mr Topp. by I-Got-Krusty-Krabs
Me and Mr EatMyChumBucket
All it took was one British nurse to bring a world of awkwardness but it was worth it. 10/10 would fall in love with all over again.
Every Meet-Cute Ever (Shayne Topp X Reader Imagines) by XxShaynesGirlxX
Every Meet-Cute Ever (Shayne XxShaynesGirlxX
Are you mentally dating Shayne Topp? Cool! Me too! Let's dive down this fluffy imagine rabbit hole together!
A Vibe: Damien Haas x Reader | Smosh Fanfic by The_Tale_of_a_Girl
A Vibe: Damien Haas x Reader | I write sometimes??
~Completed March 27th, 2020~ "Wanna be part of Smosh for two weeks? (Smoshtest)", the title of Smosh's new video made your heart skip a beat, was this real? Up...
shayne x reader. by ashleyyyyx
shayne x ashley 💗
your typical shayne love story i guess :))
Damien Haas Imagines by FeistyLilThang
Damien Haas Imaginesby ayeywua
Collection of Damien Haas imagines. Reached #1 in Smosh
Summer Girl || A Shourtney Story by simplymarina
Summer Girl || A Shourtney Storyby marinapoly
The only thing that would complicate Summer Games: Apocalypse would be a certain blue-eyed, witty boy. But I, Courtney Miller, could never fall for my best friend Shayne...
Maybe It's Alright Here. by Mizz_Lizel
Maybe It's Alright Mizz Lizel
hey y'all constructive criticism is welcome. Y/N moved to LA 4 years ago and still hasn't found her spark. After a huge fight with her roommate she meets Courtney, a l...
Starting Over / Shourtney by Kat_trix7
Starting Over / Shourtneyby Kat_trix7
When Defy Media suddenly announces that they are shutting down, Courtney feels like her world is falling apart. But soon, the shutdown isn't the only that's thing turnin...
꧁  h o m e  ꧂ by 11nessie11
꧁ h o m e ꧂by mads
"A small fire lit itself where it shouldn't have been in the base of Shayne's stomach. No, that wasn't a fever. It was something else entirely and he was scared to...
Starting over {Damien Haas}  by SofiaroseGionomo
Starting over {Damien Haas} by Sofia-rose Gionomo
When Courtney's cousin and life long best friend Sydney finds herself in a bad relationship, she gets fed up and removes her from the situation. How will Sydney adapt to...
Smosh Imagines by NeverEndingWr1ter
Smosh Imaginesby clay
A collection of imagines about the whole Smosh crew. These are only one-shots. This includes Ian and Anthony, the Smosh Games crew, and the Smosh main channel fam. I'll...
BOYS // imagines | ✔️ by lunxrruel
BOYS // imagines | ✔️by aaliyah
(COMPLETED) just a bunch of random imagines of my favourite boys (celebrities & fictional characters). • publish chapters when i have some spare time • enjoy reading! ...
shaymien ☔︎  friend, please by reqlity
shaymien ☔︎ friend, pleaseby lolleh
❝friend please remove your hands from over your eyes for me. . .❞
Smosh Boys Preferences Before fall of d**y media Started: 23/08/2018 Ended: 23/02/2020
Damien's little sister  ( Shayne Topp x reader ) by antisocialhaas
Damien's little sister ( Shayne Kali G.
you have been living with your older brother Damien Haas for a years. he gets you a job working as a camera man at smosh meaning you get to see that cute guy Shayne ever...