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When we exited the video games station, Jungkook acted as though nothing happened, although there was a tint of red on his ear when I shamelessly stared at his side. There were pooling questions inside my head, but like many other days, I chose to keep my mouth shut.

I'll get the opportunity to ask him soon. I'll see to it.

But when he had turned to face me, all traces of embarrassment (if he ever had one, I guess) managed to leave his face. Instead, a cunning smirk replaces it. Really, now. I've been hanging around Jungkook for two weeks now and yet I still can't figure him out. He's like a time bomb, ready to explode. Except he isn't that consistent at all. His attitude keeps changing.

One moment, and he's this rival I see in my novels. Perhaps like an assassin, waiting to butcher me. The next moment, he's like a Casanova from Italy, luring you in with his sweet words from Rome, and keeping you on the edge of your seat. And then the next moment, he's like this shy Prince, inexperienced with women, totally naive and very expressive.

A shiver ran down my spine. Or, he could be a demon. A demon with many facades. That could be it. If not, I don't see any other reasonable explanation for it. When we were near the exit of the arcade, Jungkook casually slips his arm around my waist. I, who was lost in my own little world, nearly choked.

"What are you doing?"

He glances at me with a lazy smile, "Feeding news scope for damn journalists and paparazzi," he says, before flashing me a brilliant smile. "Kiss me."

I almost toppled down on the stairs, looking at him with wide eyes. "Why the fuck would I do that?" Despite myself, my face flushed a bright red.

"It seems you keep forgetting that we're acting like a couple, fake dating more specifically," Jungkook sighs, "Every damn time."

"I'm not gonna kiss you," I said to him harshly. "I will not!"

Jungkook rolled his eyes before he smiled down at me, a loving look etched in his features. Fuck, not good. "Hey, you wouldn't..."

"Give me a break," he says, before planting a soft peck on my cheek, lingering there for two seconds. But it felt like an eternity. I was now fully aware of how my heart was rapidly beating, and how his lips felt like cotton against my skin. And then he leaned away, giving me a carefree smile in return.

"There. Completely harmless. Sorry."

I stood with wide eyes, unable to get off my shock before he took my hand with his, and led me to his car, which was brought by someone from his agency. I thought I heard something click, and a flash went off before I entered Jungkook's car.

"Hey, four eyes," he said, fastening his seat belt as he faced me. "Are you alright?"

I pressed my lips and turned to him with a straight face, before completely ignoring him and looking at the car window instead. "Fine. Completely fine."

The car ride was silent. I, for one, didn't know what to say; and Jungkook was too busy driving. I pressed my lips again as silence continues to press against the atmosphere. "I mean..." I started, sighing as I held my hands around the air, the questions surrounding the resident Casanova bothering me. "I don't get you at all," I said, turning to glance at Jungkook from my peripheral vision.

"Who are you, really?"

Jungkook looked at me with surprise, but he kept driving. "I'm Jeon Jungkook," he says, his eyes on the road, "I live in Seoul, and I'm the Golden Maknae of Bangtan Seonyondan." He finished, flashing me an amused smile. "That works?"

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