12 | kisses, dates, and love

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Never have I ever, in my twenty one years of existence, had imagined to sit across a world famous star (a good looking one at that), dine with them, and sell my acting skills to the world to write my book. It was so out of the world, and so out of place for it to happen. 

I also didn't expect that all the acting classes we had was so useful. But then, it was only because I'm with Jungkook. And it's also because of Jeon Jungkook that I had sat there and contemplated whether this was a good idea after all. 

I mean, the guy just basically straight up told me I was ugly - and didn't have confidence with myself. And the thing is, I'd believed him. I agreed with him. And I knew within myself that I had rarely put myself first. 

And that makes me irritable. 

It made me all the more irritated, however, when a group of girls had passed by and shot Jungkook flirtatious glances - which was really hard to ignore - right in front of me. But the boy in front of me had simply raised his eyebrows in amusement, and let his lips tilt into a half smile. 

I rolled my eyes as he did so. "Uh, Jungkook," I try to calmly say through gritted teeth, "you seem to be forgetting you're on a date." I quipped, feeling the strong urge to reach across the table and grab him by his neck. 

Jungkook shifted his eyes that lit with amusement to me, his eyes now dripping with interest as he studied me. "I know that."

I almost snorted on my drink. Asshole. He knew, and went ahead and flirted. God, no wonder he was the renowned resident Casanova in the entertainment industry. With those luscious lips, pretty eyes, dark orbs and messy hair - it was hard to resist him. 

I silently sent out my prayers to the girls who had fallen and will be falling for him. Good looking, yes, but a Casanova won't do them good in the future. 

Bless their poor souls. I sigh sadly to myself.  

Jungkook chuckled, "I'm not flirting with them, princess."

My brows furrowed as he fully shifts his attention to me now, "I'm not blind, Jungkook. I, at least, know what flirting is." 

It was Jungkook's turn to raise his brow, his eyes now holding a little playful glint. "Uh-huh, nice try kitten, but it's so easy to point out that you don't know a thing or two about it." 

"But I do," I said squarely, straightening my back and puffing out my chest as I glared at him with all my might, the challenge now springing up easily to our hands. I mean, I've never dated, but I've flirted openly with strangers at pub where I got drunk (before I swore to abstinence, of course). 

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