14 | trapped in my prison

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"Stripper!" I shouted as I pointed at Mr. Broad Shoulders. My eyes were wide as I continue to stare hard at him from where I was; lying on the floor with my limbs all over the place and probably deranged, my elbow and knee throbbing with pain. A hiss perpetuated from my throat, trying to get a grip of myself. 

"Stripper girl!" He pointed back, our voices singing the word 'stripper' in unison, which visibly echoed around the hallway, and if this wasn't embarrassing enough to die, I don't know what is. His plump lips were popped open, forming a perfect shape of an oblong. The other members around him seemed confused - it was clear from the way their brows furrowed at us, lips turning down as they try to comprehend the situation. 

I, too, was having trouble with comprehending the awkward yet hilariously ridiculous situation I have caught myself in yet again. A philosopher named Nam Iseul once said, 'I don't think anyone could possibly get themselves in a terrible situation, but then again it's you we're talking about.'

You = Min Nari. Therefore, Min Nari is equals to dumb. 

"Ah, strippers!" another guy sputtered, and I turn to look at the blue-haired boy with a boxy smile. I caught my breath at the sight. And boy, was he a sight. As if sculpted from the heavens above, he looked like he was sculpted himself by the god of art straight out from a Greek painting. He clapped his hands at us childishly, eyes twinkling in excitement as they dart from me to Mr. Broad Shoulders. 

"Stripper?" a guy with blond hair and dimples muttered, "You know strippers?" he said, before his eyes widened, "Jin, I didn't know you were into that kind of stuff..." He seems weirdly grossed out as he, too, stared at me and Jin, who I suppose was Mr. Broad Shoulders. 

"Why are we shouting strippers in the middle of the hallway?" a short guy with sleepy eyes muttered. He was a mane of mint hair, milky skin and pretty eyes that squinted under the exposure of the sunlight. "I don't...quite understand..." 

I don't understand. This, my friends, must be the part where the Almighty had finally taken notice of my sufferings and pitied me, which resulted to me being surrounded with radiant and gorgeous guys. It was either that, or I must have been living in a fan-fiction. 

I furrowed my brows as the mint-haired guy said this, slightly confused at the situation I have brought myself in, too. It was then when I had turned and looked back and up behind me to ask Jungkook for help with pleading eyes, but he had simply pressed his lips into a tight line and flashed me a very sugary sweet smile. 

He then bent down and gently grasped my hand to pull me up from where I was sitting (or fell, in my case). Oh, right, I fell, I thought to myself. I gave a glare to Jungkook who smiled at me expectantly before snatching my hand from his, only for him to burn his eyes at me, seemingly daunting and threatening before pulling me to his side closer. Much closer. 

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