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I don't know what's more annoying - the fact that my phone has been simultaneously beeping so early in the morning; or the banshee banging on my apartment door.

Bloody fucking hell.

A plethora of curses, thoughts of early morning killing season, and exasperated dragging of feet ensued. After a series of bumping into furniture while walking practically half-asleep, I found myself less sleepy as the knocks grew heavier - somewhat demanding - and loud. Incredibly fucking loud.

It pissed me off even more.

I neared the door with a series of curses erupting from my mouth. I twisted the knob and pulled open the door, not caring whether the guest was the Queen of fucking England or the Prime Minister of Japan. A girl has to get her beauty rest and I'm having none of this bullshit early in the morning.

"What the fuck do you want?" I groaned, my eyes still fluttering close. I usually don't greet my guests like this, because they have decency enough to text me before coming over.

"Good morning to you too," a familiar voice uttered, his tone somewhat amused and somewhat frustrated. "The sloth finally woke up."

I glance at the person in front of me half-heartedly, the frown still evident on my face and saw none other than the devil himself and the current bane of my existence - Jeon Jungkook. I squinted my eyes and properly looked at him. The bunny eyes, thin lips, messy mane of brown hair on his head and the smug smirk on his lips.

There was no mistaking it. It really is Jeon Jungkook. 

He stands there, leaning against the door frame and his hair was a little messy and damp, which probably meant he already took a shower. His eyes narrowed when he saw my state - which looked far from presentable when faced with a guest. A top star idol even, at that. 

Still, I clenched the door knob and scrunched up my nose in distaste. 

"You again?" I whined exasperatedly.

His brows raised, "Nice to see you too." He told me, whistling lowly as his eyes drank in the sight of me. His dark eyes heavy on my figure and an involuntary shiver ran down my spine. "Clearly not a morning person I see."

I rolled my eyes, "It's too early in the morning." I huffed, with the thought of wanting to kick his face early in the morning and going back to sleep until it was time for judgment day. 

"It's almost noon, you fool." He said, crossing his arms on his chest, "Also, you look ten times terrible today."

"It is, when you're a writer," I spat, rubbing the sleepiness off my eyes until a sudden thought occurred to me, which made me frown. "How'd you know where I live?" 

Jungkook rolled his eyes, "You put in your address too when I checked your phone number." Jungkook said as he shrugged his shoulders. "It was handy."

A sudden realization dawned on me, and I sighed to myself. That's right - it was a habit. Whenever I type in my number, I always made sure to put in my address as well. So that they'll know where to find me just in case I wake up late - since I sleep like the dead - or when I'm kidnapped, or murdered; or just writing my novel at two in the morning and slept at six. 

Jungkook was right, it did come in handy. 

Except his presence annoyed me too much. 

I waved him off and tried to fix my hair that was probably standing now, "What's it that you need from me so early in the morning that I have to see you and your annoying face today?"

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