06 | a chaotic demise

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I stood frozen. My limbs were still and my mind went black as his lips pressed against my skin. My legs were nearly buckling and shivers ran down my spine as he did so; trapping me in, further and further like a whirlpool. 

Whatever thoughts of killing the boy in front of me flew out of the window as I stood there with his lips on the corner of mine and my heart beating wildly against my chest. His lips felt so soft and so comfortable on my skin as if it knew its route.

And it was bothering the shit out of me.

He kissed me just as quick and it ended momentarily after with me against the wall and Jeon Jungkook leaning away just to flash me his incredulous smirk. It was a moment or two before I realize what had happened since it all happened so swiftly.

He kissed me.

"Kitten," Jungkook sang, his eyes lighting up in amusement as he saw my fazed state. "How does it feel to taste your own medicine, hm?" he said, chuckling merrily as he took his hand away from the wall and shoved them in his pockets.

I looked over at the boy, my eyes narrowing at his casual gestures. I just got played by this jackass.

"You think it's funny?" I screeched, my foot stomping the ground.

"Oh it was, trust me," he answered casually with a toothy grin, making my blood boil more in anger. "The look on your face was hilarious."

"We'll see who'll be laughing after I ruin you." I said, frustration lacing my voice as I grit my teeth together. Who does he think he is? Even though he was a star, I'll make sure to regret what he did. I'm not just some toy this Casanova can play with - and my feelings are certainly no tool for him to get his so called revenge of me.

But he only rolled his eyes, "Scary," he drawled lazily, "But I'm not done with you yet, Nari, I'm just about to get started," he said, his voice passive but his eyes telling me otherwise. "It's sort of fun to mess around with you." 

I stepped back as I frowned, realizing the boy knew exactly who I was. Curious, and albeit a little afraid of how he knew it, I raised my brows, taking another step back, "H-How did you know my name?"

Now that I think about it, he also mentioned my name before. Just how far did this guy think and what the hell is this arrogant boy scheming against me?

"Connections," he said simply. "But today was definitely the perfect timing to get my hands on you," he said devilishly. "I wonder if this is what they call fate?"

Oh, I bet it is. It's a tragic fate. 

Once again, I was reminded of how powerful he was. Powerful enough that he could destroy me anytime he wants.

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