15 | no better than you

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Sunday mornings were my favorite. Perhaps it was a habit; these little thoughts looking forward to staying home all day after a tiring week, warm baths that softly caresses your skin, or the late mornings just to see the mid afternoon sun's rays peeking through the fluttering curtains. 

And then I'd raise my arm up, dangle my fingers up to block the sunlight from my view. I stifle a yawn as I roll across my bed, my hair curling into a mane of mess in the process. I checked my phone, and noticed a message from Iseul. 

Left for an emergency meeting! I cooked breakfast. Nam Iseul, 7:42 AM

I stare hard at the screen in front of me, rubbing it with the back of my fist and my eyes squinted, trying to adjust to the light that was protruding from the gadget. Ah, well, Iseul must be very busy, I think to myself. And here I am, strangely happy with my Sunday when I haven't even done some work yet. It was a miracle, I suppose, that Lia hasn't contacted me yet. 

Standing up, I stretched before grabbing the towel near my cabinet. Outside, I could smell the strong scent of coffee and bacon; its fragrance wafting through my nostrils which resulted to the grumbling of my stomach before I slid inside the shower room. I hummed as I turned open the faucet of the shower before slipping inside. 

Scrub those stress out, Min Nari. Scrub them out for good. 

I enjoyed the warm drop of water that drizzled against my skin, completely immersed in my own little world as I hum along to the beat that drummed inside my head. The sponge a little rough against my skin, but somehow efficient in removing the stress. With this, I grin to myself. But the momentary peace had fled off almost instantly when I heard the door click. 

I jump a little when I hear jostling outside before thinking it must be Iseul, who had forgotten one of her things for work again. I turn the shower tap off, and wiped myself before sliding the towel around my body. 

"Uh-huh, it's Iseul," I said to myself as I calmly plucked out my toothbrush and toothpaste, "Must have forgotten something again," I added as I started to brush my teeth. 

I scrubbed, "Iseul," I sang slowly as I brush my teeth and open the door. "Did you forget your flash drive?" I sang out and trudged slowly to the living room. 

"Or is it your portfolio—"

My eyes widened as I saw the figure in front of me, who looked just as shocked as I do. My mouth gaped open and my toothbrush fell as I screamed. I wiped at my mouth ferociously as the toothpaste went off my mouth, sputtering like a madwoman.

"Ah!" I screamed, pointing at the man in front of me. 

Jungkook yelped and jumped at the sound of my voice, his eyes gleaming with shock, although not once did he take his eyes off me. His bunny eyes were wide and it's the way he tilted his head that let me know he was just shocked as me. But that wasn't an excuse.  If only, his eyes darted from my eyes, lowering down to my lips, down to my collarbones, and down to my—

"Hey!" I snapped, using my hands to cover and protect myself defensively, "Eyes up here, you idiot."

Jungkook whistled slowly, his brows raising, "Not bad." He said, almost like an afterthought. I growled, bending down to pick up a nearby shoe before throwing it to him with all the force I could muster. He dodged it skillfully, looking nonchalant as he looked at me.  

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