16 | a minimal mistake

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I woke up to the darkness and a note sitting by my bedside table. The coldness in my sheets tells me that I have been asleep for quite some time, and my hunches are proven right when I opened my phone to check the time: 3:51 PM.

I've been sleeping for hours.

A small grunt emitted from my throat as I rubbed the sleep off of my eyes. What happened again? I think to myself. The moment my mind tries to recall the past events before I passed out, it came back flashing before my eyes like a broken record, treacherously repeating and unending.

"Fuck," I whisper harshly out to the void, springing up from my bed and running my hands through my hair—suddenly regretting remembering the frustratingly idiotic things I have done a few hours ago. My face scrunched up in embarrassment as fragments started to crawl back to my memories.

I looked at the empty space beside me and frowned. We were practically cuddling. Shit, oh my god.

"I must be going crazy from all the caffeine," I breathe out shakily, in awe as I tried to remember how we ended up being tangled with each other flesh against flesh when we couldn't even stand each other. I snatched the note on my bedside table when I saw it. My eyes stared at the pretty scribbles inked on the paper. Thoughts and questions were practically jumbling messily in my head, yet I refused to acknowledge it.

Even though the pounding in my chest due to adrenaline says otherwise.

I forgot to tell you. We have a date this Tuesday. Yeontan and I went home. Thanks for the coffee and cuddling. I enjoyed it. ;) —JJK

A blush coloured my cheeks. When I realised this, I slapped my face. Hard. I felt betrayed. "No! This is who he is; resist until the end, Min Nari!" I blew out shakily, huffing as I puffed my chest like a warrior about to go to war. This is well and truly a war alright. I've forgotten how charmingly dangerous he was and how he wasn't good for the heart.

There was a knock on the door. I jumped, completely surprised as the door opened to reveal Iseul who wore her working attire which was a long skirt and heels. An apron was wrapped around her petite form. She just came home, I realised. She looked at me expectantly, a brow raised and a hand on the doorknob.

"Nari?" Iseul said, looking confused, "What are you doing over there?" She added, motioning to my weird stance and the note I held. I smile hesitantly before hastily slipping the note inside my folder.

"Nothing, just some..." I trail off, hesitating, "Reminders?" I finished, pressing my lips into a smile afterwards.

Iseul looked like she didn't believe me, but she shrugged it off anyway and dismissed the matter with a small wave. I held a breath of relief, fixing my attention instead on Iseul. "Okay," she said, "I fixed the living room."

"Huh? Oh, uh, thanks," I said, scratching the back of my head as I followed her out of the living room.

"You had two coffees," she answered back, turning around to face me one-sidedly, "Someone visited?" She interrogated, a familiar glint in her eye reappearing.

"Yeah," I said, thinking better than two dwell with the thought and dismissed it rather casually, "A friend."

"It's Jungkook, right?"

At the mention of a prickly, bastard demon's name, I looked up almost too immediately, and furrowed my brows at the tall girl in front of me, who now had the end of her lip curled up to a small smirk, making goosebumps cross my spine. "How d-did you know that?"

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