20 | amidst the chaotic crisis

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"Let's meet up." I breathed through the phone, a hand inside the pocket of my coat as the elevator doors pulled close. My eyes then wandered to the elevator buttons, watching as the red lights blinked from one number to another, the floors going down smoothly.

As I watch, I couldn't help but feel slightly giddy. My heart was racing into speediness, and it has been a long time I felt like this because of Lia's approval. 

Jungkook paused for seconds, with what seemed like an eternity to me, his breathing clear through the line, which seemed like he was trying to process his current situation. And I wait patiently.

"You called me first." He finally said, his voice smiling, his voice a little hoarse. Through the phone, I could hear him shuffling. I glanced down at my watch. It was nine in the morning. Did he just wake up? "This is a surprise." He added, his tone slightly teasing.

I said nothing, my cheeks unconsciously flaming as I bit the insides of my cheeks. Jungkook did not mind my silence and spoke again with easiness calm. "This is fine, too. Did something good happen?"

"Why do you ask?" I say, my lips turning down to a frown.

"Why? Is it supposed to be a secret?" Came his quick response. My frown deepened. He thinks he's being funny. Huh. Isn't it a little too early to be in one of his games?

"Answer me first, jerk," I hissed, the elevator chiming. I watched the elevator doors open and sigh, before stepping out. My steps were light as I trained my eyes on the exit, struggling not to mind the heavy stares of the people inside the building.

"You have the nerve to call me jerk?" He muttered albeit a little loudly, which was good enough for me to hear.

"This is urgent, Jungkook," I sighed. "Haven't you browsed the internet at all? We're all over the internet. We're trending, Jungkook. Do you know what that means?"

"It means we're doing a pretty damn good job at fake dating," he said easily, a satisfactory tone in his voice, "And kitten, if you missed me that much, you should have just said so."

"Hey," I said slowly, my tone threatening. "If you don't answer me seriously, I will castrate—"

"Fine," he cut me off, before chuckling to himself. "No need to get your panties in a twist. Where are you? I'll come and get you."

"No need," I said, shaking my head to myself. "I'll come over instead."

"That's too dangerous," Jungkook said, his voice hard, pausing yet again. "What about the media and the reporters? Won't they come after you?"

"They already did," I sighed. "I didn't expect they'd find me so quickly," I said. I fumbled around my bag, searching for the cap and the mask I always brought with me. I was told by Iseul to carry it with me at all times since I didn't know when I'd face another crisis like this.

Thank the heavens for a friend like Iseul.

I almost teared up but then Jungkook spoke again, this time, more serious. "Why didn't you call me? I could have sent bodyguards to protect you." He said, a bitter sigh escaping past his lips. Huh.

"Wow," I said blankly before a teasing grin crossed my lips. He sure has been acting weird since yesterday. "Are you worried about me right now?"

"Well, yes," came Jungkook's quick response, "I-I mean, you're a valuable asset you know, despite how annoying you are most of the time."

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