13 | trouble when you walk in

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"Min. Na. Ri."

The moment my name was sputtered like cold bits of ice, the thoughts that mainly circulated around killing an old man for a good cause in the society flew out of my head. Instead, I felt a deep pang of fear clog in my chest – pounding heavily making my mind go blank.

I shudder, suddenly finding it hard to speak.


Good lord, I never imagined a day would come when I wished it was Jungkook who called instead. But Iseul didn't care for that, as she blatantly ignored me.

"Big Hit office, now. You better explain to me why I'm seeing you in the news or why my boss had asked me to make you come here at the company."

My eyes are wide as she tells me this. Now I knew how Jungkook felt when his mind had completely shut off – there was completely no room to think. All I could do was nod my head, which was stupid since she couldn't even see me.

But Iseul couldn't care less, as she didn't wait for me to vocally respond and instead, hung up on me which left me with an agape mouth, wide eyes, and a blank mind.

It wouldn't really take a genius to notice that Iseul was beyond pissed—royally pissed, if you call it. As far as we both knew, Iseul and I had never kept secrets from each other. That was our way to survive—the Iseul and Nari tandem way—to escape our self destructive pasts.

And now, here I was, completely breaking off that unspoken vow to some super star I didn't even know and care about until now.

Why does it seem like Jungkook had left me in a trail of troubles ever since he barged in my life?

And I felt, just below the corner of my heart, that it had no plans of stopping soon. Not ever.


"Not in a million years, no."

"What?" I hissed through the phone. There was a sudden jolt and I yelped, almost falling from the car seat as I glared at the taxi driver who smiled sheepishly at me in return. I sighed and rolled my eyes as I counted in my head the number of times I had almost died when the car suddenly jolts.

The taxi was not helping, since I had to pay a big amount of money to get in BigHit by five minutes. And Jungkook, who I was currently speaking with on the phone right now, was certainly not helping.

"I said, no." His voice is firm on the other line, and smooth at the same time. His voice sounded different on the phone, I thought quietly. "There's no way we could afford to do that."

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