04 | coincidences and mayhem

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It's been a whole week.

During the seven days that I spent, I was only trying to interview many couples on the street a few things; like asking them things about their relationships, how it worked and their overall story.

At first, all things went smoothly, but then I had to deal with a couple who broke up in front of me just because some guy spilled something.

I had to deal with the girl who came crying to me and I readily comforted her - except, she blamed me about their break-up afterwards. I had to send Lia updates with my book every day about my book and my progress.

And, of course - reading. It may not give me the sort of help I was looking for, but I tried. After all, it was through reading that I personally gained small bits of knowledge about relationships. And there's nothing really harmless with it - except for a few heart attacks, that is.

It's been a whole week - and nothing much happened since then.

Although I may have spent the first two days paranoid inside my house knowing I kissed a star, and then kicked him in the balls.

I sighed as I pressed the close button of the book I read online and tapped the top 100 of the week in the application. My thumb hovered over the lit screen, my lips pursing as I tap view. It gave me all the information I needed about the leaderboard - and there, I spotted my name.

W E E K L Y   L E A D E R B O A R D


01 | user newbierules

02 | user nariwrites

03 | user ....

Pressing the application close, I shut my screen and stared emptily at the laptop in front of me. I really didn't have much choice but to write with all my frustration. Just then, my phone from beside me rang, echoing in the small cramped space I call my room.

I looked at the caller ID and my brows raised in surprise. Han Iseul, it read. I immediately grabbed my phone and pressed it to my ear. "Annyeonghaseyo," I greeted her, "What's up?"

"Nari! Thank God you picked up," Iseul said through the line, before she breathed a sigh of relief, "I fucked up."

I didn't know which was surprising - the fact that she called me in the afternoon, or the fact that she apparently fucked up. Iseul was meticulous, and was always tidy and neat with everything that she always avoided fucking up, but I guess I've forgotten she was human too. "Alright, calm down," I said through the phone, "Why'd you call me?"

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