Bree's brother

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"So I'm having some people over tonight and I wanted to know if you wanted to come?" Bree asks Caitlyn nonchalantly as she blows a strand of her long mouse brown hair out of her green eyes. Caitlyn's heart stops beating and she takes a sharp intake of breath. This was her best dream and her worst nightmare coming into play all at one time. She wanted for so long to be actually invited somwhere but she was always afraid if she did go somewhere people would act nasty towards her. I mean, why wouldn't they?

She didn't know what to do but she didn't want to let Bree down so she simply and as calmly as she can says "Sure" as if she gets invited places all the time. "Great, come to my place around 7-ish, just dress causually" Bree shouts the last part as she walks to her class. As soon as she makes sure no one's looking Caitlyn bursts out into a fit of laughter, it finally happened she was actually invited somewhere.

3:39pm is the time on the clock above the telivision when Caitlyn gets home. 'Getting to Bree's house will take about 20 minutes so if she starts getting ready at 5:40 she should be all set' Caitlyn thinks as she walks into the kitchen to get a glass of water. A smile slowly creeps onto Cailtyn's lips. Wow it felt so real, she was actually wanted somewhere. She stiffles a laugh again and tries to compose herself. She certainly can't be acting silly tonight.

'What the?' Caitlyn thinks as she gets up from her lying postition on the couch and flips her head up to the clock, 5:46, crap she must've fell asleep, she better get a move on. She races up her stairs into her room and tears out the contents of her wardrobe. "No, no, maybe, ewww definately not, I can't believe I still have that, wait...perfect". Well it wasn't really perfect but it'll do. She just put on a pair of her grey jeans, the same shade as her eyes and a green T-shirt with Elmo from Sesame Stree on it. 'I hope this passes'.

She's all ready to go when she suddenly looks down at her wrist, ugh, why did she have to cut there! Now she doesn't have a sweater to match her clothes, she quickly runs to her parents room and triffles through her mother's jewellery box. There a gold watch perfect to cover it up. She glances at the face of the watch, 6:43pm. Yep she should definately leave now.

It's 7:02 by the time Caitlyn reaches Bree's house. She cautiously walks up Bree's front steps. Well this was it, she could already sense the impending doom of the situation. She slowly but surely knocks on Bree's door, taking as many deep breaths as she can to try and calm her nerves. And who should answer the door but a Calvin Klein model! He's tall, she thinks even taller than Mark. He has green eyes the exact same shade as Bree's and dark black hair. Caitlyn rememebers who this is, Bree's twin brother, Brent.

"Oh, wow, Caitlyn is that you? Whoa I haven't seen you since grade 8 what was that 3 years ago?" Brent asks Caitlyn. "2 years" she corrects him. 'Oh smooth Caitlyn, real smooth, correct the hot guy on his timeline notes!'. All of a sudden Bree's standing at the door next to him with an antagonised look on her face. "Well, Brent, you can go now" Bree shoo's him off with the wave of her hand, grabs Caitlyn and whispers something to her, Caitlyn giggles and Bree pulls her into the lounge room.

There are four people sitting in the room all in random places like the floor and the table, even one of them is upside down on the couch. Not at all what Caitlyn was expecting. "Caitlyn this is Gabe" Bree says as she points to the guy upside down. Bree then points to the two girls on the floor. "They're Lily and Michelle". And finally she points to the person on the coffee table. "And you know Brent already".

Caitlyn waits for it, but it doesn't happen. There are no nasty comments or giggles at how she looks, she feels comfortable with these people. Michelle smiles up at her "Hey, you sit in front of me in Maths!" then turns back to her conversation with Lily. As she walks to take a seat next to Bree, Brent smiles at her, she smiles back, the best part is where his smile is even batter than Mark's.

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