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Caitlyn walks into school on tuesday like nothing happened. Like she wasn't just about to die last night, like she doesn't have cuts, like she isn't confused on the inside. She still gets glares but they're nothing compared to the rest of the crap in her life. Mark's leaning against the locker next to hers, she glides past him, unlocking her own locker to retrieve her books.

"Hey, sorry about just barging in like that yesterday and not saying bye properly. But Tal wanted to go". Is he stupid?! Talia was completely crazy how could he still be with her? Caitlyn in a split second of insanity decides to tell him straight up. "Listen, Mark, don't take offence but...Talia is a total psycho! Haven't you noticed her mood swings, controlling, demanding behaviour, and I think she's a kleptomaniac, she stole $100 from me!"

Mark stands there speechless for a few seconds. Caitlyn holds her breath, a knot in her stomach rises. 'What has she done?'. Mark finally speaks. "Umm what are you talking about I don't think Talia's crazy!". Just as Caitlyn's about to cover up for what she just said Mark continues as he raises his voice. "In fact I think you're crazy! As of she stole from you. Are you seriously jealous of her? Do you think that you'll lose me to her? Well after what you just said I hope I do, get lost to her I mean! No friend of mine could possibly be this mean and make up this many lies, ugh, just stay away from me okay?!".

Everyone's staring at Mark as he struts away. Then all eyes fall on Caitlyn. She feels dizzy and sick. 'I can't believe he just snapped at me like that and in front of everyone'. Her vision starts to blur and goes black around the edges as her knee's give way and she can feel herself drop. Just another embarrasing thing to add the the growing list.

Her eyes flutter open to an unfamilliar scene. Caitlyn's head hurts like Hell and the light is too bright for her liking. She realizes that she's in some kind of bed, she comes to the conclusion that she's in the sick bay at thier school, yes, in fact she can hear Ms. Flake talking to someone. For a moment she's excited, what if it's Mark and he saw her collapse then he came to her rescue! Her hope is diminished when she notices it's a female voice. She slowly sits up, the knot still in her stomch. She quickly lies back down, she sure as Hell won't be trying that again any time soon.

She feels her hand being grabbed by someones. "Oh thank God you're awake" the unknown girl breathes as she squeezes Caitlyn's hand just a little too hard. Caitlyn turns her head and to her suprise it's Bree. Well that was unexpected. "What are you doing here?" Caitlyn blurts out. "I saw you fall so I ran to your side and Ms. Flake and I got you here, that happened about half an hour ago". "No," Caitlyn corrects her "I don't mean what are you doing here I mean, why are you here? Why do you care if I fall?".

"Beacause I'm your friend silly!" Bree giggles at her. Wait? Did Caitlyn hear that right? Bree considered Caitlyn a friend? Well this was definately news to her! "But you haven't spoken to me in 2 years!". "Oh, yeah, sorry about that I used to think that popularity was important but when I saw you yesterday I came to my senses. I hope that you can forgive me for ignoring you all those years, freinds?". Caitlyn couldn't believe this Bree wanted to be her friend? She was certainly not going to miss this opportunity! "Sure, friends" Caitlyn smiled up at her.

She couldn't believe her luck, she had Bree back! Wow, because that didn't make her life sound sad at all! At least something happy came out of the confront-Mark-about-Talia fiascoe, she had Bree. At least someone was on her side.

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