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Caitlyn's day is the same as usual, sitting alone, people whispering behind her back in class. Damn! You'd think people would learn to get over things by now! She's walking out of school, trying to keep her head down low. Maybe if Mark doesn't see her she can sneek home and not have to face him and Barbie do- Talia. But it was not to last. "Oi, Caitlyn, where you going, you gotta come with me to meet Tal". Great she thinks, he found her.

The park is 5 blocks away, for Caitlyn that's definately 5 blocks too far. They reach the park. It's a nice day, the birds are singing the sun is shining and all that other cliché crap that happens when 'two lovers unite'. Caitlyn can see her from a mile away. She's tall, definately tall, almost as tall as Mark, which is a feat as he's 6'5.

They walk over there. Caitlyn wonders if Mark's noticing that her pace has slowed, anything to stop the encounter with Miss Perfect Amazing over there. Talia runs up to Mark and flings her arms around his neck as smacks her lips to his. Caitlyn looks away, it's bad enough she has to think of them together but to actually see it is sickening. She glances over at them, still kissing, great! There goes all her hopes that Mark loves her, that he doesn't love Talia, that they'll break-up or it's a joke. Yet the feeling of wanting to be with Mark is weakening after seeing this exposé.

"Hi, I'm Talia, you must be Caitlyn, I've heard so much about you" Talia gushes and breaks Caitlyn out of her train of thought. "Oh, yeah, umm nice to meet you. I would say I've heard so much about you too but someone didn't even tell me about your existance" she directs her last statement to Mark. Talia spins her head speedily towards Mark, a stern look plastered on her face. This gives Caitlyn a good change to survey Barbie properly.

Long blonde hair down to her breasts, which weren't that great, Caitlyn definately had her on that front. Barbie's eyes are blue, very vibrant so that's Caitlyn-1 Barbie-2. Bar- Hmm maybe she should stop calling her than in her mind just in case she accidently says it out loud. Ba-Talia's lips and nose look the same in her picture. She's thin, probabaly a size 4, God, that's half of Caitlyn's! Her legs are long, very, very, long, she has nice teeth, nice hair and eyes and lips and nose and...Caitlyn could go on forever with this. AND Talia has Mark.

So now that's Cailtyn-1 Talia-Infinity in the battle of being with Mark. Like she ever had a chance. "...Uhhh Caitlyn are you there?" "Huh?" Caitlyn breathes as she looks up into the harsh eyes of Mark and Talia. "Oh, yeah, sorry. Well this has been fun but I have to leave now"...and die somewhere, but she doesn't add the last part.

"Yeah well Marcus and I really should be going too"...Wait, Marcus? She called him Marcus and he didn't protest? But he hates that name! A sugre of jealousy runs through Caitlyn's veins. It's not fair! How come Barbie Doll can call him Marcus but she can't, she's known Mark sincethey were born, it just wasn't fair! The last time Caitlyn called him Marcus she earned a smack from him, which she didn't deserve might she add.

"Yeah, bye guys" Caitlyn says as Mark- sorry 'Marcus' and Talia walk away together, holding hands. Caitlyn quickly turns around and lets her tears freely fall. This is it. She's seen them together, she thought maybe, just maybe there was a chance that Mark loved her and had been hiding it this whole time. Apparently not, they looked so happy together. So this was it. Tonight. Tonight was the night she would end her pain and suffering, the sadness she has to feel.

She would end it all.

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