A date?

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"Hey, come sit here" Michelle says with a wave as she motiones her eyes towards the seat next to herself. Caitlyn trotts over to the seat and sits herself down, well this is the first time in ages she actually has someone who voluntarily sit next to her. "Gosh don't you just think Mr. James is like, the worst math teacher ever! He goes on and on about crap, and I sware, I haven't learnt a single thing!" Michelle rants on to Caitlyn.

Caitlyn can't help but to supress a smile, this is what she's always wanted. Someone to talk to, about anything. All this time she was missing out on hearing all this, well, basically crap, but it was important to her, it makes her feel accepted. "Yeah, I agree, he was telling us about reciprocal and cubic functions, and I was like, yeah that's cool but you have to tell us the actual rule for them first!" Caitlyn laughs along with Michelle.

2nd period, Human Biological Science...with Mark, and she sits next to him, this shouldn't be awkward at all. Good, Caitlyn got there first, oh Lord now she just knows Mark's probabaly going to sit there and it's going to be awkward...or not? Someone else sits down next to her and it's not Mark, that's for sure. "Hey" Brent says as he pulls his books out his bag, well that's definately unexpected, Caitlyn greets him back with the same verse her heart beating faster. Okay this was creeping her out. She has 2 people voluntarily sit with her, she defineatly wasn't use to this.

She can hear a throat being cleared. Caitlyn glances up...at Mark. "Hey, loser, you're in my seat" Mark talks down to Brent. "Well it's my seat now, and from what I hear, you don't want to sit next to Cait anyway" Brent replies. Caitlyn or Cait, as she just got called is stunned. First of all, Brent is totally standing up to Mark, second brent called her Cait, even though she doesn't really like it, it sounds right coming from Brent's mouth.

Thirdly it was like two guys fighting over her. This time last week she wanted to die and now she has two guys fighting over her, if she had known what she knew now a week ago, she could've avoided this situation, but she's not sure if she wants to. This is kinda fun being fought over, or so she thought for a second.

"Look, mate I sit in this place, so move." "Well incase you haven't noticed, I think I'm sitting here now" Brent replies with as he drapes his arm over Caitlyn's shoulder. Caitlyn's eyes widen. When she came into this class today she did not expect to be fought over then have an arm of a hot guy around her. People are starting to stare, Caitlyn blushes, well this is embarrassing. "Fine, have it your way!" Mark hisses as he saunters away to another seat.

Everyone's attention is back to what they were previously doing. "Well that was awkward" Brent comments as he moves his arm away from Caitlyn's shoulder, it was nice while it lasted. "Yeah" Caitlyn giggles back as Brent smiles at her. "So...Cait...Wait, I can call you Cait right?" Brent asks "Sure..." Caitlyn replies you can call me whatever you like. "So, Cait...are you like, um, busy tonight or something?".

Wait, whoa! What was this? Was Brent asking her out, she's never been asked out before. But she can't he's Bree's brother, twin! Wasn't there some kind of rule agianst that, unwritten girl code? Cailtyn hadn't answered and Brent had a nervous look on his face. "I mean as friends! Of course" Brent laughed nervously. "Oh," Caitlyn's heart sunk, she can't tell he has a dejected undertone.

"Sure" she said with a smile, not too sure if It was genuine or not. "Great I'll come by at 7" Brent said before he started to make fun of the substitute teacher. Caitlyn's pulse speeds up. It was like a half-date, well the closest thing to a date she's ever had.

This should be fun!

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